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Primary Sources

Primary Sources in Books

Primary source material can often be found in books. Photographs, reprinted speeches, images of original artwork or collections of letters are all examples of primary sources that can be located within books. Here are a few tips for searching for books with primary source material using our library catalog

Authors will sometimes gather important documents on a topic and publish them as a sourcebook.   These may be found by adding the term "sources" to a search for a subject (e.g. Cherokee Indians Sources):

Personal writings (letters, memoirs, autobiographies, etc) are a primary source. To locate these materials, enter your topic keyword and add any one of the following: memoir* or autobiograph* or diar* or letters or correspondence or speech* or sermon* or papers (adding a * to diar* searches for both diary and diaries): 

If you have any questions or need help locating a book on your topic, please visit the Reference Desk.