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Unified Library Management System (ULMS)


Find out more about the exciting changes happening at the Henry Madden Library!

The Library's New Unified Library Management System (ULMS)

On June 13​,​ 2017, the Henry Madden Library, along with the other 22 CSU campus libraries, will switch to a new library management system. This will include changes to circulation, accounts, resource sharing, access to books and articles and more. This new Unified Library Management System (ULMS) will allow the entire CSU system to better collaborate and share resources. The staff and faculty at the Henry Madden Library are hard at work to ensure that this transition is as seamless as possible.​​​

As users of the library, here are some changes you can expect as a result of this transition:

  • The current library catalog, course reserves, as well as the Articles+ and Books and Media systems will be replaced with a new modern discovery system​, ​OneSearch,​ that will ​improve access to our electronic and print resources. You can explore the development site for OneSearch at this link.

  • OneSearch​ will be shared across all 23 campuses, allowing users to find materials that are available across institutions.

  • Fresno State students, faculty and staff will be able to request library materials from any CSU library. This CSU resource sharing system​, CSU+,​ will replace the current LINK+ system and give users access to a larger collection of academic materials. ​Requested ​items will arrive in two to five business days.

    Important dates to keep in mind when requesting items from other libraries:

    • May 26 - the last day to make requests using Link+. After May 26, and until CSU+ goes live on July 10, all requests may be made through Interlibrary Loan.

    • July 10 - CSU+ goes live. Requests can be made through either CSU+ or Interlibrary Loan.

  • Fresno State students, faculty and staff will have “visiting patron” privileges at all CSU libraries and will be able to check out materials with their Bulldog Card.

  • Loan periods for most items will be extended.

  • The library will no longer charge late fees for most items.

The following will ​NOT be affected by the new system:

  • Databases - You will still be able to use your favorite electronic databases.

  • Print and e-book collections – There will be no changes to our print and e-book collections.

  • Interlibrary Loan – ​You will be able to request any materials ​not available at Fresno State or ​through the CSU+ system by using Interlibrary Loan (ILLiad)

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be any downtime as a result of this system transition?​ ​
We do not anticipate any downtime to library resources or services as a result of the system transition.

How will this new system affect how I find library materials?​ ​
The process for finding library materials will be largely unaffected. ​OneSearch ​will function in much the same wa​y​ as our current system, but ​with improved functionality.

What about databases I use for my research?​
​The new system will have no effect on library databases. You will still be able to access all the library's electronic resources throughout the transition.

I'm a regular user of LINK+. What is happening to this service?​ ​
Due to the creation of a new CSU-wide resource sharing system (CSU+), ​a decision was made to end our participation in the LINK+ system. While this wasn't an easy decision, an analysis of LINK+ requests from the past few years show that the vast majority of materials Fresno State users borrowed through LINK+ will also be available ​through CSU+. Additionally, ​CSU+ will provide our users with access to a wider collection of academic materials than is currently available in LINK+. We also anticipate CSU+ requests will be filled within a comparable time period (two to five business days). See above for important dates to keep in mind for borrowing items from other libraries.