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Women's Studies Program

The resources on this libguide can be used for a general women's studies class or specific.

General Information and Direction

Date: 2/22, Thursday - Dr. Forbes' Workshop - 3:30-4:45 pm

Location: Studio 2, Room 2127, Second Floor, Henry Madden Library


Date: 3/16, Friday - Women's Herstory Wikipedia-Edit-A-Thon - 12-2 pm (open to all)

Location: Studio 2, Room 2127, Second Floor, Henry Madden Library


Learn how to improve wikipedia entries on women's topics. Add scholarly references, edit bias information and content, improve digital readership and engagement! 

Choosing Topics

For those new to editing Wikipedia we recommend looking for articles that need references, in-text citations, or stubs that need expanding. For those looking for a challenge try those that need more substantive edits around language, bias, and original research. And for the Wikipedia rockstars we recommend creating an article from scratch.

Here are a few suggested articles to create or improve during this edit-a-thon, but you are welcome to work on other topics you like.

* [[ ACT UP ]] (citations needed)

* [[Feminist theory in composition studies ]](lead text needs to be rewritten)

* [[Gender inequality in Honduras]] (references)

* [[Gender pay gap in the United States]] (tone, reference errors)

* [[Gender roles in Afghanistan ]] (style editing, additional references)

* [[Ida Henrietta Hyde]] (needs references)

* [[Marilyn Friedman]] (references needed)

* [[Nicola Pellow]] (needs secondary sources)

* [[Queen Betty ]] (stub)

* [[ Women in Sikhism ]] (references, original research)

* [[Women in Uzbekistan]](needs expansion)

* [[Women's rights in Cuba]] (references needed)

* [[Women's rights in Tonga ]] (references needed)


If you don't see a topic/article of interest to you listed above, try searching this Citation Hunt Tool

To create:


Tips: Consider the web resources, books and articles from the Library to support your topic as you cite them.

Create An Account

  • Create an AccountYou do not need to register a username to edit, but registration is strongly encouraged.


  • Limits of being a new user: "Users who edit through an account they have registered may immediately create pages in any namespace (except the MediaWiki namespace, and limited to eight per minute) and may also e-mail other users if they activate an email address in their user preferences. All logged-in users may mark edits as minor. They may purge pages without a confirmation step, but are still required to answer a CAPTCHA when adding external links. They may also customize their Wikimedia interface and its options as they wish, via Special:Preferences or by adding personal CSS orJavaScript rules to their vector.css or vector.js files."

Tip:   A classroom full of new Wikipedia editors may get blocked because they're all contributing from the same IP address with new accounts. For class assignments, you might structure work to be done at home/off-campus.

Basic Editing of Entries


If editing using Wikipedia source editing (i.e., code) -- [[ ]]
Link to other existing Wikipedia pages.
  • To add links, use 2 brackets on each side of the words you want to link to an entry.  
    • For example: [[Cornell University]] automatically creates a link to the entry on Cornell. Be sure to doublecheck these links.
  • If you want to link to an entry from a word other than the title of the entry, use this format: [[title of entry | words in your text]].
    • For example, if I want to say "the university" and have it link to the Cornell University entry: [[Cornell University | the university]]
Link to external sites
  • For example: [ Breaking News] will link the words "Breaking News" to CNN's website.

Basic formatting:

  • To create a section, use = on each side of the title.  Different numbers of = affect weight/size of header in hierarchy.
    • If an article has at least 4 headings, a Table of Contents will be automatically generated.
  • To create a bulleted list, use * in front of each item.
  • To create a numbered list, use # in front of each item. Numbers will be automatically generated.

Adding References to Existing Entries

  • To add a reference, put your cursor in place and then hit the Reference button.  A pop-up window will appear where you can enter your citation information.  References will automatically number.