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Geospatial Information Services

Campus Geospatial Technologies Support

Fresno State Student Consultations

One-on-one and small group assistance with GIS class and research projects

Assistance includes using ArcGIS, locating and using GIS data resources, understanding and applying the GIS analysis process.

A consultation session is typically 30 minutes long and requires an appointment.  

Support for Fresno State Faculty

Faculty geospatial technology support includes

Support for Teaching

Working with faculty to integrate geospatial technology into your class.
Access SpatialLabs (log-in required)

Support for Research

Working with faculty (as subcontractor, co-PI, data manager, etc.) directly on projects requiring geospatial technology support such as digitization, data integration, spatial analysis, or mapping.
View samples of past projects

with Dr. Xiaoming Yang

Geospatial Technologies Consultation for None Fresno State Customers

Please contact Dr. Xiaoming Yang at:

559-278-8457 or Email