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Armenian Studies 148 - Masterpieces of Armenian Culture

Background Information

Biographical/Background Information

Biographical Information

Older Writers (Before approximately 1920)

  1. Find your writer in the books on reserve in the library (The Heritage of Armenian Literature, Reference Guide to Modern Armenian Literature, A History of Armenian Literature).  The spelling of the name may be slightly different! Wikipedia will often list other common spellings for names. Take a picture or make a scan of the section covering your writer.

Recent Authors (After approximately 1920)

  1. Find your writer in Forgotten Bread (writers 26-38 are in this book)
  2. Search your author's name in Artemis Literary Sources, a library database for literature. You may be able to find biographies and other materials on your author.
  3. Search Google for newspaper articles or official author websites, which sometimes have biographical material.

Find Information on the Time Period

Information on the time period

  1. The sources on reserve will often have information on the time period that your author lived.  Take notes on any important events, places, or people that are listed.
  2. Search the Books and Media tab on the library homepage to find history books that cover the time period when your writer lived, and use those to find more information on the time period.  The library has many Armenian history books, including some on reserve for another class. The library also has books focusing on Armenian Americans

Find Your Author's Works

Find Your Author's Works

  1. Find a list of the works published by your author.  Look at the sources you used to find background information, as they will often give a list of titles from the author.  You can also sometimes find the titles of author's works on Wikipedia (either in the text or at the bottom fo the article) or Amazon. 
  2. Search the Books and Media tab on the library homepage for either the title of work from your author, or the author's name (but remember with the older authors, there are often different spellings for the name!).  Make sure the book is in English.
  3. If you can't find anything, search the Link+ tab on the library homepage.  Items found in Link+ can be requested and sent to Fresno State for free (2-5 business days).

Additional Sources

Additional Sources

You may need to find additional sources for your paper.  The following are databases that may be helpful: