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EndNote Transition Guide

Move to Mendeley or Another Citation Manager

Madden Library currently only provides support for Zotero.  However, here are instructions for exporting an EndNote Desktop library and importing it into Mendeley Desktop.

Move to Mendeley Desktop

To import selected references or the entire EndNote library along with file attachments, follow these steps:
NOTE: This does NOT export the Research Note field or Groups/Group Sets

    1.  Open EndNote

          A.  The default will be to export your entire library, or you can select specific records to export.
          B.  Go to File --> Export 
          C.  By Save As: name your file
          D.  By Save file as type:  select XML
          E.  If you selected specific records to export, select Export Selected References.

    2.  Open Mendeley Desktop

           A. Go to File --> Import --> EndNote XML --> Select the .xml file you saved

(Instructions edited from Mississippi State University Libraries)

Other Citation Managers

Consult the help available from within other citation managers for information about transferring records from EndNote.