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Chem 240T -- Chemical Biology

Dr. Kalyani Maitra's class, Fall 2022


Is this your first time using SciFinder or SciFinder-n?

To access SciFinder/SciFInder-n you must  first create an account using this SciFinder Registration link.

  •  It will have you log in to the campus authentication system first, then take to into SciFinder's registration
  • Use your campus email account on the registration form
  • Create your own SciFinder user name and password
  • After you submit the registration form, open your email and look for the message from SciFinder to finish the registration process.

 Please note:

       Access is limited to Fresno State students, faculty, and staff.
       SciFinder is for Educational Use ONLY
       Do not share your username/password

Already Registered?

SciFinder-n Login

SciFinder-n  (SciFinder-n login)

Search for References e.g. (topic terms, authors, citations), chemical substances and reactions, suppliers, biosequences, and retrosynthesis.

SciFinder-n is made up of several interconnected databases, which include:
• Journal articles, patents, conference papers, dissertations, and more from:
      • • CAS references from 1907-present, plus selected content from 1800-1906
      • • MEDLINE, references to journal articles in life sciences focusing on biomedicine, from the National Library of Medicine
• CAS Registry Substance records, many with property data, spectra, and other information.
• Organic reaction records
• Chemical Suppliers
• Regulatory Information
Search options:  References (keywords, authors, concepts, citations), chemical Substances and organic Reactions, Suppliers, and Biosequences.

SciFinder-n Training Resources and SciFInder-n Help

  Find References

Using SciFinder: Tips From Other Sources

Lecture Notes 11-15 on SciFInder and SciFInder-n (UCSB Library)
From Chuck Huber's CHEM 184/284 (Chemical Literature) course guide. Includes tabs on SciFinder-n.

From the Reference Detail display, single references from SciFinder-n will go into Zotero via the browser Connectors.
To import multiple references:

From the References results list where you have selected multiple references...
1. Select  download icon SciFinder-n the Download icon at the top right of the SciFInder-n results list
2. In the Download ReferenceType popup box, File Type options, select Citation (.ris)
3. In File Name give it a name you'll recognize
4. Click Download
SciFinder-n download popup box
5. EITHER  Save the file. Then in Zotero, go to File—>Import and select the file from your downloads
    OR    If a popup box appears, select Zotero to open the file in your Zotero Library

Firefox popup with.ris file for Zotero

6. Check and edit the imported information in Zotero as necessary.

zotero import from scifinder fix issue field