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FN 229 - Graduate Seminar: Food and Culture

Fall 2016

Food Preferences/Food Habits

Multicultural handbook of food, nutrition and dietetics [electronic resource]

Food cultures of the world encyclopedia
In the library, 1st floor Reference GT2850.F666 2011 4 volumes.

Food culture around the world (series)
In the library, lower level.

Food and Nutrition Information Center USDA National Agricultural Library
    •  Ethnic and Cultural Resources

Ethnic Cooking USDA, SNAP/Ed Connection

Ethnic Cooking

California Food Guide: Fulfilling the Dietary Guidelines for Americans California Department of Health Care Services
Includes dietary issues facing various California ethnic and racial groups

California Dietary Practices Surveys California Department of Public Health

Ohio State University Extension
Cultural Diversity: Eating in America - African American, HYG-5250-95-R10 (pdf)
Cultural Diversity: Eating in America - Amish, HYG-5251-95-R10 (pdf)
Cultural Diversity in America - Appalachian (pdf)
Cultural Diversity: Eating in America - Asian, HYG-5253-95-R10 (pdf)
Cultural Diversity: Eating in America - Hmong, HYG-5254-95-R10 (pdf)
Cultural Diversity: Eating in America, Mexican-American, HYG-5255-95-R10 (pdf)
Cultural Diversity: Eating in America - Middle Eastern, HYG-5256-95-R10 (pdf)
Cultural Diversity: Eating in America - Puerto Rican, HYG-5257-95-R10 (pdf)
Cultural Diversity: Eating in America - Vietnamese, HYG-5258-95-R10 (pdf)

Cultural Group Guides  from Dimensions of Culture: Cross-Cultural Communications for Healthcare Professionals
Have a small section on dIet

Cultures from EthnoMed
Some have sections on nutrition and food