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Plant 252 - Plant Nutrition

Journal Articles and other Publication Types

Follow Find It @ FresnoState to locate material cited in these databases

Agricola  (1970-   )
Covers material acquired by the National Agricultural Library (NAL) and cooperating institutions in the agricultural and related sciences. Citations are primarily to journal articles and book chapters, but include other type of resources.

CAB Abstracts  (1973-   )
International coverage of agriculture, nutrition, forestry, and allied life and applied sciences.  Citations to journal articles, books, conference papers, and reports.

BIOSIS Citation Index /Web of Knowledge  (1926-     )
Citations with abstracts to worldwide biological and medical literature. Content from journals, meetings, patents, and books.

GeoRef  (1669-  N. America;  1933-   global coverage).
Topics include soil science. Comprehensive geoscience database indexing journal articles, books, government reports, and other sources. 

All Databases A-Z

Academic Search Premier
Index to news magazines and scholarly journals in a wide variety of subjects.

Web of Science  /Web of Knowledge (1980-   )
Multidisciplinary & very current.

♦ Citations from ~8,500 of the most prestigious, high impact research journals in the world.
♦ Also provides cited reference searching: navigate forward and backward through the literature from a specific article.

Did you get very little or too much from your search?

To get more

Use * for alternate word endings
        e.g.,   sustainab* retrieves sustainable, sustainability etc.

Use the different search lines to enter key words (not sentences) describing the different components of your search topic and
use or between synonyms or alternate concepts
        e.g.,    greenhouse gases* or ghg* or carbon dioxide

Redo your search adding new keywords you find in article abstracts and  terms given to the articles by the database

Use fewer search terms. Each time you put in another search term (unless they are synonyms combined with or) you will get fewer results. Start with a small number of keywords and then add more terms or try different terms based on your results.


To get less

Databases usually offer ways to Limit or Refine your search results, such as:
   To Scholarly/Peer-reviewed journals
   By publication date range
   To journal articles only (or books, dissertations, etc)

Some databases also have specific limits, such as:
   Age Groups

Use quotation marks around words you want searched as a phrase
e.g.,  "greenhouse gases"

Add  more search terms with and: Each time you put in another search term, you will retrieve fewer results. Start with a small number of keywords and then add more terms or try different terms based on your results.

In Library databases, use the different search lines to enter more  key words (not sentences) describing the different components of your search topic, using and between the your search and the added terms

In the articles that are good, look for other for terms used in title, abstract, and subjects in that seem to focus on your interest


GoogleScholar through the campus proxy

Peer-reviewed papers, theses, books, abstracts and articles, from academic publishers, professional societies, preprint repositories, universities and other scholarly organizations.

How do I get the article without paying? Is it scholarly/peer reviewed?

If Google Scholar's links don't get you to the article text or you are asked to pay for the article, use the Find It @ Fresno State link:
      it will connect to our e-subscriptions, catalog, and our Interlibrary Loan form.

To get  Find It @ Fresno State to work from Google Scholar:

Either go to GoogleScholar through the campus proxy
Or, in Google Scholar:
     1. Click Scholar Settings
     2. Type fresno in the  Library Links box and click <Find Library>
     3. Select CSU Fresno - Find It at Fresno State
     4. Click  Save
  (you might need to click on More to see the Find It @ option in Google Scholar's list of citations)

Annual Reviews

Wiley Online Library (Partial Journal Package)

ScienceDirect (Partial Journal Package) [Elsevier] Journals

SpringerLINK Online (Partial Journal Package)

JSTOR Journal Archive Scholarly Journal Archive.
Browse or search full text of journals in the collection.
In Advanced Search, you can focus your search on a discipline or specific journals.

PLoS One Public Library of Science
An interactive open-access journal for the communication of all peer-reviewed scientific and medical research.
   • PLoS Journals