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Hort 112 - Principles of Pomology

Access to SciFinder

SciFinder Web Registration
To access SciFinder you must first create an account using the Registration link.

SciFinder no longer restricts access to one user at a time, and is accessible from off-campus.

SciFinder is for Educational Use ONLY
Do not share your username/password

How do I get the Text of an Article?

From a citation in SciFinder, click on Other Sources (or Link to Other Sources from the full display). The resulting CAS Full Text Options (Chemport) screen gives links directly to a publisher's content and/or a link to Find It at Fresno State

The Find It at Fresno State link may give you access to articles not provided by the publisher's link.
It will link to our catalog (if we have the journal or book in print), and to
Interlibrary Loan if we don't have direct access to the article.

SciFinder (Chemical Abstracts) Web

   • Journal articles, patents, conference papers, dissertations, technical reports and more
   • 1907-present, plus selected content from 1800-1906.
   • Search for topic terms, chemical substances or organic reactions.

SciFinder Training
On-demand resources: how-to guides, brief tutorials, recorded e-seminars, pdf guides:
How to Create a Reference Answer Set and How to Work with Reference Answer Sets

Research Pathways and quick videos on searching SciFinder from University of Toledo Libraries
(Quick topic searching; Substance searching, Reaction searching)

Save, Print, Export, Email

Saves your answer set

Select record(s); select summary or detailed display; use browser's print menu to print.

Save as .rtf or .pdf file on your workstation, or export to EndNote

To Email Results
Select Export and save your file as .rtf or .pdf, then email the file as an attachment.

Or, cut and paste the information you want into your email.

You can also copy the link (URL) to a record or your answer set and paste it into an email.  It will take you back into SciFinder Web and retrieve the record/answer set.

You can email from ChemPort

When you select one or multiple references and click on Full Text, the CAS Full Text Options window offers an Email Reference(s) icon.
Fill out your contact information <continue> and your email address in the To: box <send>.

You will receive a email with the brief citation information and links back into ChemPort Get Full Text options.
WARNING: this link often does not give you the Find It at Fresno State option.
If you don't get to free full text via ChemPorts publisher links and don't have the Fresno State option, re-search for the reference (Explore References--select Journal--fill out the search form <search> )