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Teacher Resource Center

Teacher Resource Center

About Metasites

A Metasite is a Web site that tries to comprehensively cover a particular discipline, topic or subject area. It may or may not include original content. Some Metasites claim to be “best of” sites; others are less selective and may include sites of varying quality.


Activity Search – a component of a book publisher’s Web page that allows you to search for activities based on their curriculum area and designated grade level

Administrator’s Net – includes a job center, administrator chatboard, and live professional development

ALA/ALSC – great web sites for kids

The American Civil War Home Page – timelines, graphics, images, letters, diaries, accounts, etc.

American History From the Colonial Period Until Modern Times – outlines American history and links to information and pictures about people, places and theories important to American history

The Arne Nixon Center for the Study of Children’s Literature

ArtsEdge Curriculum WebLinks - provides lesson plans that integrate the arts and other subject areas such as science and social studies, also includes primary sources

Best History Websites

Bill Nye the Science Guy – background information and experiments for each episode of the television series

California as I saw It

California Department of Education – statistics, press releases, initiatives, conferences, legislation of interest to California educators

California Frameworks – provides a general overview of recommended content and methodology for various subjects taught in California.

California History Online

California Learning Resource Network

California Mission Resource Center

California Teachers Net – includes a lesson bank, job center, and teacher chatboards

California to American: A Study in Cultural Change

CalisPhere: A World of Primary Sources

Character Education - reviews of character education materials, an annotated bibliography, and links to other character education Web sites

CIA World Factbook – facts, maps, and graphs for each country covering geography, people, economics, education, etc.

CNN Current Events – up to the minute U. S. and world news, business, sports, politics, showbiz, etc.

Content Knowledge – searchable collection of K-12 national standards for a wide variety of subject areas

The Council for Exceptional Children – current events and background information of interest to parents and teachers

Cyberguides – Web-based units related to children’s and young adult literature with teacher and student guides; also includes a bilingual section

Dave’s ESL Cafe - interact with ESL students and teachers from around the world

EDSITEment – top humanities sites and lesson plans selected by the National Endowment for the Humanities

Education at the Getty Art Museum

Educational Hotlists – with almost 30 well-developed categories, this is one of the largest educational content directories

ERIC Database – an internet accessible version of the largest and most important education database includes records for items entered into the ERIC database from 1966 to the present

Gateway to Educational Materials – aims to provide one-stop access to thousands of lesson plans, curriculum units, and other educational materials

The Heart: An Online Exploration – information, images, movies, sounds and activities covering the complexity of the heart’s development, structure, and purpose

The History Channel – search for history resources by topic or time period

HyperHistory – 3000 years of world history covering science, economics, culture, religion, politics, and war through lifelines, timelines, and maps

Idea Box – preschool activities organized by subject area; idea of the week and idea of the day categories

Illuminations: Resources for Teaching Math

iLoveLanguages – language and literature sites from around the world

The Internet TESL Journal – articles, lesson plans, classroom handouts, and teaching ideas of interest to teachers of English as a second language

Kathy Schrock’s Guide for Educators – a large listing of educational content that may be browsed via a detailed subject listing or searched via akeyword search engine; instructions for searching the site via a commercial search engine and a “New Sites This Month” section are also components of the site


Learn North Carolina

Learning Disabilities Online – extensive background information, recent findings, first person accounts of the challenges of dealing with learning disabilities, an ask the expert section, interactive bulleting boards covering various topics, and student art and writing submissions

Lesson Plans and Resources for Social Studies Teachers – along with lesson plans and resources the site contains a section on current events, a what’s new this month category and social studies standards and curriculum from across the country

Library Of Congress: American Special Collections – places, landscapes, and the history of social life and culture

MacMillan/McGraw-Hill California Treasures – student activties

The Math Forum Internet Mathematics Library – search for math resources by type of resource e.g. lesson plans, math topic and grade level

MEGA Mathematics – unusual and important mathematical ideas; includes activities, vocabulary, background information, evaluation, etc.

Multicultural Pavilion – emphasizes multicultural resources, how the internet can be used to provide a multicultural education and how to evaluate internet sites from a multicultural perspective

NASA Education - instructional materials, NASA projects and NASA news

National Council for the Social Studies – discussion, links categorized by the themes of the Curriculum Standards for Social Studies, conferences, etc.

National Council of English Teachers – teaching ideas, teacher talk and national guidelines

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics – math education resources, conferences, and national standards

National Geographic Kids: Videos

National Science Teachers Association – legislative update, news, information, projects and online resources

NCTE: readwritethink

NeoK12 – educational videos lessons and games for K-12 students

Newslink – compare the coverage of news events by accessing national, international, and college newspapers

Nutrition Expedition

Online Teacher – concise listing of websites for a wide variety of topics covered in Time (the magazine)

PBS Online – links to current events and teacher resources, listings and descriptions of educational televsion programs and a significant collection of preschool educational content

PE Central – probably the most comprehensive physical education Web site; includes lessons, assessment ideas, professional information and material related to adapted physical education

The Physic Front

Recommended Literature for Science and Math

Recommended Literature: Kindergarten through Grade Twelve: An annotated list of literature for children and adolescents produced by the California Department of Education

RefSeek Educational Video SitesRemembering the HmongScholastic Online Activities and Interactive LearningScholastic Teacher ResourcesSCORE: School of California Online Resources for Education – internet resources and teacher-developed lessons that support California’s content standards and curriculum frameworks

Sea World Animal Resources - quick information, fun facts, an animal information quiz, a song book and more; covers whales, dolphins, animal training, etc.

Sites for Teachers – lesson plans, classroom projects, interactive web sites, etc.; organized into eight subject categories including ESL/bilingual

Special Education Resources on the Internet – background information; legal, parent, educator, and inclusion resources; and links to specific categories, such as learning disabilities and attention deficit disorder

TeachNet – lessons, activities, resources, education news and additional classroom management tips

ThinkfinityThomas: Legislative Information On the Internet - full text of legislation and the congressional record, the u.s. constitution, how laws are made, etc.

University of Wisconsin: IdeasUSA Today – current events, sports, economics, weather and entertainment

USA Today Weather Index – over 350 weather related topics covering everything from “Why a baseball travels farther at higher altitudes” to “How to calculate air density”

U.S. Department of Education – education headlines, statistics, funding opportunities, etc.

Volcano World – an indexed site that includes a “What’s New Section”; volcano information, pictures, movies and games; and a volcano of the week feature

Views of the Solar System – planets, asteroids, meteorites and comets

Virtual Architecture: Network-Based Activity Collection – hundreds of network based educational activities organized by activity type and content

Welcome to the Planets – images from NASA’s planetary exploration program covering the planets and spaceships

What Works ClearinghouseThe White House – search white house documents, listen to speeches and view photographs.

Yahoo K-12 Education – a searchable collection of topics teachers might be interested in; sites were selected by the people at Yahoo

Yahoo! Kids – a searchable collection of topics kids might be interested in; sites were selected by the people at Yahoo


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