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Library Assessment Team

Documents the work of the team.

Assessment Homepage

Vision:  Data driven decision making.

Charge: The charge of the Library Assessment Team is to facilitate, review, lead, or plan library assessment projects. The Team will also serve as consultants for any faculty or staff embarking on assessment efforts.


  • Data gathered in assessment will be used to revise, improve, implement, and create high impact collections, programs, and services to support student success.
  • Assessment helps all library faculty and staff to take action, monitor and improve library services, identify changing patterns in user needs and information usage, and market or promote library collections and services to the campus.
  • Current projects include creating the library Student Outcome Assessment Plan (SOAP), producing assessment toolkits, managing SAILS, serving as outreach representatives to COLD, WASC, and other professional organizations, and responding to statistical reports and surveys.

SOAP = Student Outcome Assessment Plan

SAILS = Standarized Assessment of Information Literacy Skills

COLD = CSU Council of Library Deans

WASC = Western Association of Schools and Colleges