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Study Abroad

Information about resources and services available to Fresno State students who are studying abroad

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I still be able to access Fresno State library resources while studying abroad?

You will still be able to access the vast majority of electronic resources from Fresno State while you are abroad.  See the "Research While Abroad" page for more information.


Does the library have travel guidebooks?

The Fresno State Library does not actively collect travel guidebooks, but we can help you obtain them.  See the "Learn About Your Study Abroad Country" page to learn how.


Can I bring books from Fresno State overseas?

Unfortunately not, but you probably don't want a bunch of heavy books in your luggage in any case.  Thankfully, the library has almost 100,000 ebooks that you can access from anywhere.  See our ebooks guide for more information.


Does the library have materials that can help me learn a foreign language?

Yes!  The library has a number of language learning CD's available for checkout.  Click here to see what is available, or  Ask us for assistance in locating these materials.  Additionally, the Fresno Public Library provides access to Mango Languages, which is a language learning app.


I'm overseas and am unable to access Fresno State library resources.

See our troubleshooting tips, and Ask Us if you continue to have issues.

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