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Chem 220 - Theoretical Inorganic Chemistry

Journals, Journal Articles etc.

This is a list of journals selected for your course. We will cover how to find the journals and articles in these journals in our class session.

Selected Journals and Serials

 A. Multidisciplinary Journals

1. Journal of the American Chemical Society

2. Journal of Chemical Education

3. Angewandte Chemie, International Edition in English

4. Journal of the Chemical Society, Chemical Communications

B. Inorganic Chemistry

1. Inorganic Chemistry

 2. Synthesis and Reactivity in Inorganic and Metal-Organic Chemistry

3. Polyhedron

4. Journal of the Chemical Society, Dalton Transactions

5. European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry

6. Inorganica Chimica Acta

C. Organometallic chemistry

1. Organometallics

2. Journal of Organometallic Chemistry

3. Applied Organometallic Chemistry Journal

D. Metals and complexes

1. Journal of Coordination Chemistry

E. Solid state chemistry

1. Journal of Solid State Chemistry

2. Chemistry of Materials

Is this your first time using SciFinder?

To access SciFinder you must  first create an account using this SciFinder Registration link.

  •  It will have you log in to the campus authentication system first, then take to into SciFInder's registration
  • Use your campus email account on the registration form
  • Create your own SciFinder user name and password
  • After you submit the registration form, open your email and look for the message from SciFinder to finish the registration process.

 Please note:

       Access is limited to Fresno State students, faculty, and staff.
       SciFinder is for Educational Use ONLY
       Do not share your username/password

Already Registered?

SciFinder Login


Search for topic terms, authors, citations, and chemical substances and reactions

SciFinder is made up of several interconnected databases, which include:
• Journal articles, patents, conference papers, dissertations, technical reports and more from:
      • • CAS references from 1907-present, plus selected content from 1800-1906
      • • MEDLINE, references to journal articles in life sciences focusing on  biomedicine, from the National Library of Medicine
• CAS Registry Substance records, many with property data, spectra, and other information.
• Organic reaction records

More on CAS Content


How Do I Get to the Text of a Reference in SciFinder?

From a citation in SciFinder, click on Other Sources (or Link to Other Sources from the full display). The resulting CAS Full Text Options (Chemport) screen gives links directly to a publisher's content and/or a link to Find It at Fresno State

The Find It at Fresno State link may give you access to articles not provided by the publisher's link.
It will link to our catalog (if we have the journal or book in print), and to
Interlibrary Loan if we don't have direct access to the article.

SciFinder Training Resources

   Reference Searching Training Videos, including
      • Search for a Specific Topic
      Search by Author Name
      Understand Reference Details

    General Topics Training Videos, such as
        • Optimize Navigating SciFinder

SciFinder PDF Handouts

   • How to Create a Reference Answer Set
     Search by Research Topic, Author Name, Company Name, and Document Identifier.   
   • How to Work with a Reference Answer Set 
      Analyze, Refine, and Categorize search results.
   • Reference Topic Searching: Best Practices
   • How to Create a Substance Answer Set and How to Work with Substance Answer Sets
   • How to Create a Reaction Answer Set and  How to Work with Reaction Answer Sets
   • How to Print, Save, and Export

Using SciFinder: Tips From Other Sources

Searching coordination and organometallic compounds in SciFinder. 2011. html or pdf

Searching inorganic substances in SciFinder. 2011. html or pdf

Lecture Notes 11-15 on SciFInder (UCSB Library)
From Chuck Huber's CHEM 184/284 (Chemical Literature) course guide.

Saves your answer set

Select record(s); select summary or detailed display; use browser's print menu to print.

Save as .rtf or .pdf file on your workstation, or export to EndNote

To Email Results
Select Export and save your file as .rtf or .pdf, then email the file as an attachment.

Or, cut and paste the information you want into your email.

Use Link to copy the URL to a record or your answer set and paste it into an email.  It will take you back into SciFinder and retrieve the record/answer set.

You can email from CAS Full Text Options screen

The CAS Full Text Options window offers an Email Reference(s) link.
Fill out your contact information <continue> and your email address in the To: box <send>.

You will receive a email with the brief citation information and links back into CAS Full Text Options.

References from SciFinder will NOT go into Zotero via the browser Connectors.

Instead, either from the Reference Detail page in SciFinder, OR from the Results list where you have selected multiple references...
1. Select Export at the top right of the SciFInder results list
2. In For: Citation Manager select Citation export format (*.ris)
3. In Details: File Name * give it a name you'll recognize
4. Click Export
5. EITHER  Save the file. Then in Zotero, go to File—>Import and select the file from your downloads
    OR       If a popup box appears, select Zotero to open the file in your Zotero Library

Firefox popup with.ris file for Zotero

6. Check and edit the imported information, the Issue field usually has an error
    (the copyright information appears there instead of the issue number):    zotero import from scifinder fix issue field

Google Scholar (with Fresno State library access links)
Peer-reviewed papers, theses, books, abstracts and articles, from academic publishers, professional societies, preprint repositories, universities and other scholarly organizations.  Also includes patents.


Academic Search Complete
Index to news magazines and scholarly journals in a wide variety of subjects.
Limit your search to scholarly journals by checking the box: Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals

Web of Science
Multidisciplinary & very current.
Citations from ~8,500 of the most prestigious, high impact research journals in the world.
Also provides cited reference searching: navigate forward and backward through the literature from a specific article.

Related Disciplines

Engineering Village (Compendex)
Engineering journal articles, technical reports, and conference papers and proceedings, as well as handbooks, patents and standards.