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CFS 38H - Honors Lifespan Development

Spring 2016

Statutory & Regulatory Law


Westlaw is one of the primary online legal research services for lawyers and legal professionals in the United States and is a part of West. In addition, it provides proprietary database services. Information resources on Westlaw include more than 40,000 databases of case law, state and federal statutes, administrative codes, newspaper and magazine articles, public records, law journals, law reviews, treatises, legal forms and other information resources.

In Westlaw, you can search:

  • By United States Federal Court District (California is in the Ninth District)
  • By State
  • By Area of Practice (This includes Family Law, Environmental Law, Health Law, etc...)

Westlaw also includes this information:

  • Cases
  • Statutes & Court Rules
  • Regulations
  • Administrative Decisions & Guidance
  • Secondary Sources
  • Briefs
  • Proposed & Enacted Legislation
  • Proposed & Adopted Regulations

Codes   Current statutory law arranged by subject (codified)
U.S. Code via the U.S. House of Representatives Law Revision Counsel
   • Move to the next or previous section by clicking on the arrow.

Regulations   Administrative Law
e-CFR Electronic Code of Federal Regulations
U.S. Administrative Law (Regulations)
Guide to the Federal Register and the Code of Federal Regulations

Proposed Legislation
Bills are drafts of laws which propose new laws, or amend or repeal existing law   Library of Congress
Text of bills from 1989 on; bill summary and status from 1973 on.

Guide to Finding Federal Legislation

California Codes
   • Use AND between words if you want both  (the search assumes "or")
   • Use "  " to find a phrase  "raw milk" 

Regulations (Administrative Law)
   •  California Code of Regulations (CCR)
   •  California Regulatory Notice Register
      Notices of proposed regulatory actions


Bill information. 1993-
Text of bills, resolutions, and constitutional amendments, their status, history, votes, analyses, and veto messages.
 • Search by keyword or author, or browse by session.
 • Use AND between words if you want both  (the search assumes "or")
 • Use "  " to find a phrase:  "raw milk"

Guide to Finding California Legislation

Ballot Measures
California Secretary of State

California Local Codes and Charters IGS Library, UC Berkeley