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Chem 161W - Scientific Writing (online class)

Summer 2019


Is this your first time using SciFinder?

To access SciFinder you must  first create an account using this SciFinder Registration link.

  •  It will have you log in to the campus authentication system first, then take to into SciFInder's registration
  • Use your campus email account on the registration form
  • Create your own SciFinder user name and password
  • After you submit the registration form, open your email and look for the message from SciFinder to finish the registration process.

 Please note:

       Access is limited to Fresno State students, faculty, and staff.
       SciFinder is for Educational Use ONLY
       Do not share your username/password

Already Registered?

Use the LIbrary's link to access SciFinder
It has you log in to our authentication system and tells SciFInder you are an authorized user.


Search for topic terms, authors, citations, and chemical substances and reactions

SciFInder contains:
• Journal articles, patents, conference papers, dissertations, technical reports and more
• CAS references from 1907-present, plus selected content from 1800-1906
• MEDLINE, references to journal articles in life sciences focusing on  biomedicine, from the National Library of Medicine
• CAS Registry Substance records, many with property data, spectra, and other information.

You must use the LIbrary's link to SciFinder

It has you log in to our authentication system and tells SciFInder you are an authorized user.

SciFinder Need-to-Know Videos

    Reference Searching

   Search for a Specific Topic
   Search by Author Name
   Understand Reference Details

    General Topics

   • Optimize Navigating SciFinder

SciFinder PDF Handouts

   • How to Create a Reference Answer Set
     Search by Research Topic, Author Name, Company Name, and Document Identifier.   
   • How to Work with a Reference Answer Set 
      Analyze, Refine, and Categorize search results.
   • Reference Topic Searching: Best Practices
   • How to Print, Save, and Export

More SciFinder Training Material

Full list of their on-demand resources: videos, how-to guides, brief tutorials, and pdf guides.

Once you have a list of references, you probably have a variety of literature types in the list.
If you only want to retrieve journal articles:

  1. In the Analyze/Refine/Categorize column to the left of the list of references, select Refine
  2. Under Refine by: select Document Type
  3. Under  Document Type(s) select Journal
  4. At the end of the list, click Refine

SciFinder Limit Results to Journals Only


If you are looking at a list of references, under each title is an Other Sources link.
If you clicked on a title to see the full record, at the top center above the article title look for Link to Other Sources

SciFinder reference list Other Sources Link Scifinder full display Link to Other Sourcecs

Click on Other Sources or Link to Other Sources, and a new CAS Full Text Options comes up.

  1. In the Web-based document resources box, if there is a PDF or HTML from the Publisher link, try them first.
  2. If they aren't there/don't work/ask you to pay for content, select the Find It at Fresno State link in the Your organization's document resources box.   This will take you to our OneSearch page and either give you access to the article online, in print, or offer an Interlibrary Loan link where we will get the article for you.
    CAS Full Text Options screen