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First Year Student Research

Library Worksho0ps

Fall 2021 Library Zoom Workshops Fresno State Henry Madden Library

Library Zoom Workshop Scholarly Articles October 7 5:30pm October 11 12:30pm October 20 5:30pm October 21 12:30pm November 2 12:30pm November 3 5:30pm

Library Zoom Workshops

Scholarly Articles

October 7th -- 5:30pm
October 11th -- 12:30pm
October 20th -- 5:30pm
October 21st -- 12:30pm
November 2nd -- 12:30pm
November 3rd -- 5:30pm

Representations of Silenced and Silences Selections in support of ethnic stuides special collections research center

Representations of Silenced and Silences: Selections in Support of Ethnic Studies
Open for viewing Monday – Friday throughout the Fall 2021 semester.
9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Special Collections Research Center
Henry Madden Library, Fourth Floor South