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English 160W

This guide is for Dr. Krichevsky's Fall 2020 English 160W class.

In today's workshop, you will:

  • Identify at least one professional organization in your chosen discourse community or field of study
  • Identify at least one professional/academic journal in your field of study
    • Browse a journal's table of contents to identify trends or issues in the profession & generate a list of potential key words you can use to find other articles on that topic 
  • Identify at least one specialized database in your field of study 

Use the tabs above to navigate through the activity. We will do most of this together, but you may want to refer back to it later when you are ready to work on your research assignment. 

Finding Your Discourse Community

Each discourse community, or field of study, will have professional organizations where members can go to make connections with other professionals, learn how to join the profession, find jobs, and discover some of the topics of discussion that are taking place in the community. 

For our first activity, find a professional organization for a discourse community/field of study. This can be one that you've already chosen for yourself or one that you are curious about. 

How to Find Professional Associations

  • Professional Association Finder (Career OneStop/U.S. Dept. of Labor)
  • Google Your chosen career/Field of Study + "professional organizations"  (e.g. High school teachers professional organizations OR business professional organizations)

Video: Finding Professional Organizations/Associations & Journals

We will go over this together in class, but the video below will be accessible later if you need a refresher. 


We will go over this together, but the video below will provide a refresher on finding databases and journals in your discourse community. 

Video: Finding Databases (and Journals) in Your Subject/ Field of Study

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