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Political Science 2 - Brady

Find a Bill

Find a Bill

Need help finding a bill?  Here are a few ideas:

1. Do you have a favorite politician, like AOC or David Valadao? Find their government website, and look for information on bills they have sponsored or endorsed.  They might label this section on their website Issues or Legislation.  Politicians like to brag about what they are doing!

2. Do you strongly support the work of an organization, like the National Rifle Association or the American Civil Liberties Union? Search their website for information on bills they are supporting/opposing.  Look for sections like Issues or News.

3. There are websites that track what bills are currently in the federal or California legislatures.  Browse one of the sites below to find a bill on a topic you are interested in. It will probably be easier to find information on federal bills, rather than state.

Find your Representative

  • - Search your address to find your state and federal representatives.