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Music 220 -- Seminar in Research Methods and Bibliography -- Dr. Partow Hooshmandrad

Department Description

Music & Media contains the Ronald J. Harlan Music Collection of scores and sound recordings, a media collection of videorecordings, and listening and viewing facilities. Books about music are located in the main bookstack.

Six computer workstations with graphic design software, and two workstations with music composition software are available for student use.

The music collection consists of approximately 22,000 compact discs, 40,000 stereo and monaural LPs and 47,000 scores. The collection focuses mainly on Western art music from the Middle Ages to the present, but also contains representative scores and recordings in the areas of jazz, musical comedy, popular music and music from other cultures. There are also spoken recordings containing poetry, plays and speeches.

The media collection consists of more than 7000 videos (DVD and VHS) of educational and research value in all subject areas.

General Information

Music & Media is located on the 3rd floor of the north wing of the Library at the top of the stairs.

Listening and viewing equipment is available for individuals or small groups. Two group viewing rooms are now open that can accommodate from four to 20 users. Scores and videos are on open shelves for users to browse. Compact discs, LPs and reserve materials may be requested at the service desk. Eight iMacs are available in the department for general use.The Media Lab offers six iMacs with specialized graphics design software and there are two music editing iMacs with Sibelius and Finale software.

Please come see us if you haven't already or you can phone us for assistance at (559) 278-2158.

Please consult the main library hours page for complete library hours.