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Citation Help

Need to cite your sources? This guide can help.

Citation Managers Overview

Citation managers are software that helps you track, organize, and properly cite your sources as you do research. They can help you:

  • Collect citation information from library catalogs, article databases, and other collections of sources that you may wish to cite.
  • Organize your sources by topic or project, add keywords to help you find them, and add notes.
  • Store copies of article PDFs and other full-text content.
  • Create in-line citations and bibliographies, in many different reference styles, by working with your word processor.


Zotero logoZotero is a free, open source, fully featured citation manager. It is easy to learn, provides the easiest way to import sources, can produce citations in thousands of styles, and works with Google Docs as well as with MS Word and Libre Office.

The library provides workshops, instruction, and support for Zotero. Please see our Zotero guide for more information.


EndNote logoEndNote is a commercial citation manager from Clarivate. It is not free, but student pricing is available. EndNote is slightly harder to learn than Zotero, but it can also produce citations in many styles, and it provides better support for some features such as journal title abbreviations.

The library no longer provides access to or instruction for EndNote.


Mendeley logoMendeley is a popular and free-to-use citation manager from Elsevier.

The library does not provide support for Mendeley, but those who wish to explore it can review these help guides and other documentation from Mendeley.

Citation Generators in Search Tools

Some databases and other library search tools can generate citations for sources that they index. They don't provide the same help with collecting and organizing sources, but this can be a quick and easy way to generate a few references. Be sure to check these automatically-generated citations to make sure they are correct before using them in your paper!


The library's discovery system includes a "Citation" button with search results that provides citations in MLA, APA, and Chicago styles.
OneSeearch citation feature

Google Scholar

The "Cite" link that appears with each result in Google Scholar will provide citations in several styles.

Google Scholar citation feature


Library Databases

EBSCOhost, ProQuest, and other library databases often include a "Cite" tool on item pages.

EBSCOhost Cite tool ProQuest Cite tool