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Investment Research Guide

Tips for New Investors

1.  Know your investment style - Are you bullish or bearish? Watch the video, "Market Mentalities: Bulls Vs. Bears" (from and learn which investment style suits you based on your personality.

2.  Know how the market is measured - where is the market now?

3.  Pick a familiar product, service, sector, industry, or/and company:

·       Check the news.

·       Find a company by sector/industry that provides a product or service familiar to you.

·       Know the stock style to use.

4.  Research product, service, sector, industry, and company to see where the market is developing.

5.  Know when to buy or sell:

·       Have a plan.

·       Read the trends.

·       Analyze stock charts

Stock Charts

Keep track of the market trend, company news, and company financials:

 Stock Chart

Stock Market Indices

S&P 500 -- Made up of 500 of the most widely traded stocks in the U.S., S&P 500 represents about 70% of the total value of U.S. stock market.

Dow Jones -- Dow Jones includes the stocks of 30 of the world's largest and most influential companies.

NASDAQ -- NASDAQ includes more than 5,000 companies and some of those are not based in the U.S. It is known for its large portion of technology stocks.

Market Trends Guides

Seasonal/General Market -- Guide to market fluctuations.

Moving Averages -- Simple and Exponential stocks moving averages.

Candle Stick Chart -- Guide to candle stick chart option.

Candle Stick Chart