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Onesearch search box

Enter Your Search Terms

Enter your search terms in the OneSearch search box.  For example, you can search for item titles, authors, or a general topic. Then, you may specify a collection to search.

OneSearch @ Fresno State scope highlighted

OneSearch @ Fresno State

Select OneSearch @ Fresno State to search all the Fresno State collections within OneSearch (Articles, Books & Media, and Course Reserves).  This is the default search in OneSearch.

OneSearch articles scope highlighted


The "Articles" collection is an interdisciplinary collection of millions of articles from numerous databases and providers.  This collection contains approximately 90% of the article content available through the Henry Madden Library.  Learn more about article collections within OneSearch.

OneSearch books and media scope

Books & Media

The "Books & Media" collection includes all books, ebooks, audio / visual (including streaming media), maps, and other materials located within the library.

Onesearch course reserves scope

Course Reserves

The "Course Reserves" collection contains course materials that have been placed in the library by instructors for short term checkout.

Onesearch CSU+ scope

CSU+ Books & Media

The "CSU+ Books & Media" collection allows you to search the collections of all 23 CSU libraries.  Most materials within CSU+ can be requested by Fresno State users.

Onesearch library website scope

Library Website

Select "Library Website" to search for information on the library website, such as policies, directories, or hours.

Searching Basics

children AND nursing


Placing an "AND" (must be all caps) between keywords narrows your search to include only results that include both keywords.  In OneSearch, this is done by default, so including the "AND" is not necessary in most cases. 

children OR infants


Placing an "OR" (must be all caps) between keywords expands your search to include results that include either of your keywords. This can be helpful when there are multiple words that mean the same thing that you want to search.

Exact Phrase

Use quotation marks to search for keywords as an exact phrase.



If you want to search for variations of a word, place an asterisks mark in the spot where the variations begin.  For example, child* will find child, child's children, and children's.

(children or infants) and nursing

Complex searches

You can use parentheses to create complex searches that utilize both "AND" and "OR".  In this example, you would be searching for any results that include the word nursing, along with either the word children or infants. You can also utilize the multiple search boxes within Advanced Search to accomplish the same thing.

Onesearch advanced search

Advanced Search

Choose Advanced Search for even more searching options, including the option to search by title or author. You can can also specify resource type, language, or publication date.

Primo Menu

Image of OneSearch top main menu

OneSearch Main Menu

At the top of the OneSearch, you will find a number of helpful tools and links.  Click through the gallery for a description of menu item.

OneSearch new search icon

New Search

Start a new search within OneSearch. This will remove any keywords in your search box, as well as any facets you have activated.

Onesearch databases icon


Choose this link if you would like to leave OneSearch and select a specific database, such as Academic Search or JSTOR.

Onesearch find a citation icon

Find a Citation

Use Find a Citation if you have a citation for a specific article, journal, or book, and would like to locate that item.  You do not to fill out all fields within Find a Citation tool, but it's usually best to enter all the information you have.

Onesearch journals by title icon

Journals by Title

Use Journals by Title if you would like to check the library's access to a specific journal, newspaper, or other periodical.  This tool will locate both electronic and print holdings.

Need Help?

Click the Need Help icon to view tutorials and other informational resources for OneSearch.

OneSearch ellipsis icon


Click the ellipsis icon to see more menu items.

Onesearch ask a librarian icon

Ask a Librarian

Use Ask a Librarian to view the options for getting help from a librarian, such as chat, email, or phone.

Onesearch browse icon


With Browse, you specify a call number, subject heading, or title, and browse subsequent results in order.

Onesearch search history icon

Search History

View previous search queries from your current OneSearch session.  You can also view saved searches if you are logged in.

Onesearch pin icon

Favorites Folder

Click the pin icon to access your favorites folder, where any items you have pinned will be located.  Make sure you are signed in when pinning icons.  Otherwise, they will be lost when you end your OneSearch session.

Onesearch my account

My Account

When signed in, with My Account you can view your personal information, see items you have checked out, items that have been requested or are ready for pickup, and also see any fines you have accrued.

Onesearch sign in icon

Sign in

Make sure you sign in to Onesearch with your Fresno State username/password.  You will need to be signed in to save and request items, as well as view your library account.

Refine Your Results

OneSearch facets highlighted

Refine Your Results

After searching in OneSearch, you have a number of options for narrowing and refining your results to help you better find what you need.  These options are commonly called facets or limits.  Click through the gallery to for an explanation of these various facets.

Onesearch CSU+ facet


Click the CSU+ icon if you'd like to expand your search to include books and media from all 23 CSU libraries. Most items from other libraries can be requested and arrive at Fresno State in 2-4 business days.

OneSearch non full text facet

Include non full-text articles

With OneSearch, by default you will only see articles that are available in online full text. Check this box to expand your search to include non full-text articles.  You may want to do this if you are searching for a specific article and can't find it, or if there aren't many results for your search.  Articles not available in full text can be requested through interlibrary loan. Just make sure you sign in first.

Onesearch Available at Fresno State facets

Available at Fresno State

The Available at Fresno State section includes three options for limiting to items with certain availability:

  1. Full-Text online - Include only results that are available online, such as ebooks, streaming video/audio, or online articles
  2. Peer-reviewed journals - Include only results that are from peer-reviewed journals
  3. Available in the library - Include only results that are in print format, such as books, maps, DVD's, and CD's

Resource Type

With the Resource Type facet, you can include (or exclude) only certain types of resources, such as books, articles, or audio visual materials.

OneSearch date facet


Include only items that were published during a certain time period.

Onesearch topic facet


Include (or exclude) items that are focused on a specific topic.

Onesearch location facet


Include (or exclude) items from specific locations in the library.

Onesearch language facet


Include (or exclude) items written in specific languages.

Onesearch LCC facet

Library of Congress Classification

Include (or exclude) items based on their Library of Congress classification.

Item Record

OneSearch item record image

Item Record

Learn the various features and options available within an item record in OneSearch

brief details and pin icon

Brief Details and Save to Favorites

At the top of an item record you will find brief details, including title, author (and often year of birth/death), year of publication, and book cover image.

Additionally, there is a pin icon to save the item to your favorites folder.

onesearch item record availability

Item Availability

The "In the Library" section will display item availability.  Items available online will have full text online links, while items in print will display details to locate your item within the library.  Details include item location and call number, loan policies, item status, and an option to locate your item on a library map.

onesearch item record send to

Send To

The "Send To" section contains a number of helpful options, including a citation generator, permalink, and options to export the item to a number of citation management software systems.

Onesearch item record details


The "Details" section will offer further description of the item, including alternate titles, authors, Library of Congress subject headings, chapters, pages numbers, and more.  You may click the author and subject headings to browse other items from the same author or subject.

Onesearch item record virtual browse

Virtual Browse

With "Virtual Browse", you can visually navigate items that are shelved before or after the selected item.  Note that this feature will only appear for print books and media. Ebooks are not represented in the virtual browse feature.