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Congressional Research Service Reports

Congressional Research Service

The Congressional Research Service (CRS) is a division of the Library of Congress,
It prepares analytical, non-partisan reports on topics requested by members of Congress.
The reports are good starting points for your research as they provide background information and a discussion of issues and often prior legislation related to the topic.

From their FY 2011 Annual Report:
Reports for Congress, analyses, or studies on specific policy issues of congressional legislative interest, are often prepared to address issues raised in numerous congressional inquiries. Reports clearly define issues in legislative contexts. The basic requirements of these and other CRS written products are relevance, accuracy, objectivity, and nonpartisanship. Analysts define and explain technical terms and concepts, frame the issues in understandable and timely contexts, and provide appropriate, accurate, and valid quantitative data.

These reports are not distributed to the public. However, members of Congress make some of them available in print or online, and various organizations collect selected reports and provide access to them either for a price or for free.

Sample Reports

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