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Grants, Scholarships, and Funding Sources

Access to Publicly Funded Information

In February 2013, the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) released a memo outlining new requirements that research funded by the public-- such as research resulting from grants from federal agencies-- must be publicly available within a certain time period.  All federal grantmaking agencies were given a timeline for establishing public access policies, repositories or other hosting platforms for this information, and guidelines for researchers awarded grant funding from these agencies to make their work publicly accessible.  Since then, several other grantmaking institutions have followed in requiring public access to the work they fund, including research funded by the state of California. Below are resources for navigating these requirements.

Key Announcements, Legislation, and Policies
Issuing Body Impacts Read More
Harvard University Harvard Faculty Harvard Open Access Policy, 2008
White House Office of Science and Technology Policy United States Federal Agency-funded Research OSTP Memorandum Increasing Access to the Results of Federally Funded Scientific Research, 2013
University of California (UC) UC Faculty University of California (UC) Systemwide Academic Senate Open Access Policy, 2013
State of California California State Agency-funded Research California Assembly Bill 609: California Taxpayer Access to Publicly Funded Research Act, 2014
European Research Council Research funded by multiple European Union and UK grantmakers European Research Council COAlition S/Plan S, 2018
Agency Public Access Requirements
Agency Requirements
United States Federal Agencies Public Access Plans for Federally-Funded Research Publications, Data, and Data-Management Plans
California State Agencies AB 2192: State-funded research: Grant requirements


Data Management Plans

In addition to making published research publicly available (not behind subscription paywalls), many grants require data management plans (DMPs).  One easy way to find resources for creating a DMP is to Google "data management plan" and limit results to the site of your funding agency. For example:

"data management plan" 
"data management plan"

Coming soon! Guide to Data Management Plans