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SciFinder-n Introduction


To use SciFinder-n you must first create an account


SciFinder-n is made up of several interconnected databases, which include:
• Journal articles, patents, conference papers, dissertations, and more from:
      • • CAS references from 1907-present, plus selected content from 1800-1906
      • • MEDLINE, references to journal articles in life sciences focusing on biomedicine, from the National Library of Medicine
• CAS Registry Substance records, many with property data, spectra, and other information.
• Organic reaction records
• Chemical Suppliers
• Regulatory Information|

Search options include:  References (keywords, authors, concepts, citations), chemical Substances and organic Reactions, Suppliers, and Sequences.

Create an account using this link.

  • It will have you log in to the campus authentication system first, then take to into SciFInder-n's registration
  • Use your campus email account ( on the registration form
  • Create your own SciFinder-n user name and password
  • After you submit the registration form, open your email and look for the message from CAS SciFinder to finish the registration process.

 Please note:

       Access is limited to Fresno State students, faculty, and staff.
       SciFinder-n is for Educational Use ONLY
       Do not share your username/password

Log into SciFinder-n:

    After the initial session, use the Library's link to access SciFinder-n


SciFInder-n Training

Includes recorded webinars
    ♦ SciFInder-n Quick Reference Guide (pdf)
    ♦ SciFinder-n Help: Introduction to Searching


Using SciFinder: Tips From Other Sources

Lecture Notes 11-15 on SciFInder-n (UCSB Library)
From Chuck Huber's CHEM 184/284 (Chemical Literature) course guide. Includes tabs on SciFinder-n.

From the Reference Detail display, single references from SciFinder-n will go into Zotero via the browser Connectors.
To import multiple references:

From the References results list where you have selected multiple references...
1. Select  download icon SciFinder-n the Download icon at the top right of the SciFInder-n results list
2. In the Download ReferenceType popup box, File Type options, select Citation (.ris)
3. In File Name give it a name you'll recognize
4. Click Download
SciFinder-n download popup box
5. EITHER  Save the file. Then in Zotero, go to File—>Import and select the file from your downloads
    OR    If a popup box appears, select Zotero to open the file in your Zotero Library

Firefox popup with.ris file for Zotero

6. Check and edit the imported information in Zotero as necessary.