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Include the library in your syllabus

Suggested language about library services and resources for inclusion in course syllabi.


To make sure your students know how the library can support them, please consider including language about the library in your course syllabi. Below are two suggestions for syllabus language, one focusing on research help and one covering a wider range of library services. Feel free to use or adapt these examples.

You may also check whether there is a relevant Research Guide, and consider including contact information for your Subject Librarian. Your Subject Librarian can also visit your class and/or be added to your Canvas course.

If you will be including library-licensed resources in your syllabus or course shell, please review the best practices for Linking to Library Resources.

Suggested Syllabus Language: Library Resources and Services

The Library offers resources and services to support your success in this and every course. Find thousands of books, articles, videos, and other resources through OneSearch and library databases. Ask a Librarian to get help with your research, from developing search strategies to citing your sources. Tech Lending provides laptops, tablets, cameras, and more. Reserve a study room for individual or group study. For more information, visit the library's web site at

Suggested Syllabus Language: Research Help

Get help with research for this class from the Library. Librarians can help you form research questions, develop search strategies, evaluate sources, and cite sources properly. Ask a librarian by email, phone, 24/7 chat, or make an appointment with a subject librarian. For information, see

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