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Exciting Changes Coming Soon!

On June 13, the Henry Madden Library, along with all other CSU campus libraries, will be changing our search, circulation and interlibrary loan (including Link+) platforms and services. Click here to learn more.



What is OneSearch?

OneSearch is the name of the Henry Madden Library's new discovery system which enables streamlined access to the print and electronic resources provided by the Library.  OneSearch has been adopted by all 23 CSU libraries, giving the CSU system a shared platform to better collaborate and share resources.


What am I searching with OneSearch?

By default, with OneSearch you are searching the following Madden Library collections together:

  • Articles- A interdisciplinary collection of millions of articles from numerous databases and providers. See list of major collections included.
  • Books and Media (Fresno) - Books, ebooks, DVD's, music, streaming media, and more available through the Madden Library
  • Course Reserves (Fresno)- Course materials placed in the library by professors and available for short term checkout

Additionally, the following collection is not included in the default search, but can be selected by the user:

  • All CSU Libraries (CSU+) - Includes the books and media collections of all 23 CSU campus libraries together.  Most materials from other libraries are available for request.

How to use OneSearch

1. Type your search terms, such as a title, author, or topic. You can also specify a collection to search if you wish.


2. Use the facets on the left  to narrow your results. At any time you can also change your keywords or the collection being searched at the top.


3. Items with online full text will be clearly indicated. Click the link to access full text. If off-campus, you may be prompted to log in with your Fresno State username and password.


4. Items available in the library will display location information, as well as a call number.

Requesting from other libraries with OneSearch

Items that are unavailable either electronically or in print at the Fresno State library can usually be requested from other libraries within OneSearch.

1. Unavailable items will be indicated on the results page.  Click the link to see request options.

2. To request, you wil first need to log in with your Fresno State username and password.

3. Once logged in, you will be given a link to request the item.