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EES 201 - Seminar in Geology

Geologic Maps

Geologic Maps Catalog U.S. Geological Survey
A catalog of geologic and other geoscience maps. Part of the National Geologic Map Database.

USGS Publications Warehouse
Many citations link to the full text of the reports/maps. 
     • Search by series, report #, title, author, or date.

California Geological Survey (formerly California Division of Mines and Geology)
     •  Index to California Regional Geologic Map References
     •  CGS Publications
     •  Online Maps and GIS Data

Nevada Bureau of Mines & Geology
      •  Nevada Geologic Maps
      •  Maps & Data
      •  Publications

Index to Geologic Maps of Oregon by USGS Topographic Quadrangle Name, 1883-1996

Washington State Geological Survey Publications and Maps

Links to State Geological Surveys Association of American State Geologists
        Most have lists of and/or links to their geological maps

Geologic Map of California, Fresno sheet.
In the Library:  1st floor  Maps vertical G 4361 .C5 s250.F7

Some parts of Fresno County are on other sheets:
Geologic Map Index
All sheets in the Library:  1st floor  Maps vertical G 4361 .C5 s250 <sheet name>