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Learn how to find ebooks and use the most popular features of Ebook Central, our largest ebook collection

Download an e-book


Some titles can be downloaded in their entirety for a period of time, typically 7-14 days. This would allow you to view e-books without internet access. After the loan period has expired, you can download the e-book again. In order to download an entire e-book, you must have Adobe Digital Editions installed, which is free to use.  


To download an entire e-book:

First, download Adobe Digital Editions on your computer or supported deviceNote: The Kindle does not support Adobe Digital Editions

In Ebook Central, go to your ebook record. Make sure your ebook is available for full download, and click the Full Download button.

Click "Download Your Book", and select your loan period.

The downloaded file will appear on your desktop, or in in your "Downloads" folder

Double-click on the downloaded file, and the title will launch in Adobe Digital Editions.  If it is your first time using the program, you will need to authorize your computer. Follow the instructions in Adobe Digital Editions to do this.