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Geospatial Information Services

Project Showcase

MALT Map and Aerial Locator Tool (MALT) is a spatially enabled web based application to search for maps and historical aerials in the Henry Madden Library.

This application is best running in Firefox or Google Chrome browsers.

An interactive map shows economically disadvantaged communities in San Joaquin and Tule Lake hydrologic regions
An interactive map shows the areas where the soil properties permit to recharge ground water.
A PDF map shows Hot/cold spots of Fresno-Clovis Area distressed property sales 2007 - 2012
A PDF map shows 5th grade overweight and obese students by elementary schools in Clovis and Fresno Unified School districts

An interactive map shows the depth to ground water from 1970 to current water year, San Joaquin Valley.  A swipe tool can be used to compare two different years of depth to ground water.

#d Depth to Groundwater

3D view of depth to groundwater.  3D Web Viewer requires a desktop web browser that supports WebGL.   The latest versions of Chrome and Firefox desktop browsers have WebGL built in.  3D Web Viewer is not supported on mobile devices.

Crime An interactive map shows crime hotspots in the City of Fresno.
An interactive map shows dams in San Joaquin Valley and the most current dam information.
California Drought Monitor An interactive map shows Califonia drought intensity using The U.S. Drought Monitor map.
Find direction from Henry Madden Library to anywhere on the Fresno State campus.
A 3D model of the Jordan Agriculture Research Center.