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Geospatial Information Services

Geospatial Technology Courses Offered at Fresno State

College of Science and Mathematics

EES 186    Environmental GIS
EES 178    Geostatistics

College of Social Sciences

CRIM 270T   Crime Mapping

GEOG 20      Introduction to Spatial Techniques
GEOG 30      Introduction to Spatial Statistics
GEOG 140    Computer Cartography
GEOG 141    GIS I: Data Display and Manipulation
GEOG 142    GIS II: Data Creation and Project Implementation
GEOG 143    GIS III: Spatial Analysis and Modeling
GEOG 152    Remote Sensing I: Introduction to Remote Sensing of Environment

Craig School of Business

IS 140    Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for Business

Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology

IT 286    Applied Spatial Technology

Lyles College of Engineering

GME 66     Computer-Aided Mapping
GME 173   Introduction to GIS
GME 174   GIS Applications
GME 175   GIS Design

Continuing and Global Education

GIS Certificate of Advanced Study