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SCRC Libguide for Ethnic Studies

This guide is intended to provide general sources and research information about Ethnic Studies.

Ethnic Studies

Born out of student and faculty protests at San Francisco State University in 1968, the establishment of Ethnic Studies as a field has a long and protracted history in California and the United States more broadly. The field encompasses four academic disciplines that shed light on a history of colonization, racism, marginalization, and discrimination. Ethnic Studies courses across the California State University system will expand in the years to come to improve awareness and examine marginalized perspectives.

We acknowledge these inequities and lack of representation as a starting point. We pledge to rectify the situation by making deliberate and concerted efforts to acquire, promote, and preserve materials and narratives related to marginalized communities. We also will work towards rectifying metadata and archival descriptions that make these materials difficult to access and find and we commit to enhancing our metadata and descriptions to amplify and respect voices from underrepresented peoples.

Land Acknowledgement 

The Fresno State campus sits in the midst of the San Joaquin Valley, a valley rich in the
traditions and representation of Native American peoples and cultures. We are grateful to be in
the traditional homelands of the Yokuts and Mono peoples, whose diverse tribal communities
share stewardship over this land.

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