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SCRC Libguide for Ethnic Studies

This guide is intended to provide general sources and research information about Ethnic Studies.

University Archives


Amerasia Club Records, 1976-1998, 2005 (3.5 linear inches). Announcements and other background and publicity materials on Amerasia Week, held each spring on campus.

Asian Studies Club Records, 1968-1973 (1 linear inch). Constitution, minutes and agenda, correspondence, memoranda and a scrapbook from this now defunct club.

Katsuyo Howard Papers, 1980-2003 (7 linear feet).  Howard served as coordinator for Southeast Asian Student Services at Fresno State from 1981-2008.

Southeast Asian Student Services Records, 1987-2003 (7 linear inches). Mostly newsletters, pamphlets, statistics and reports about the Southeast Asian student population. Also includes information about the genesis of the Southeast Student Services office and photographs.



Japanese Americans in World War II Collection, 1920-1995, (1 linear foot). Newsletters produced in internment camps, pamphlets, newspapers, and photographs relating the experiences of Japanese American internees during World War II, especially in the San Joaquin Valley. Also includes official documents issued by the U.S. government declaring the official stance. The Japanese Americans in World War II photographs, newsletters and other publications can be accessed online through our San Joaquin Valley Japanese Americans in World War II digitized collection.  For additional information and resources, please see our Japanese Americans in World War II Resource Guide.

Violet Kazue de Cristoforo Papers, 1934-2007 (5.25 linear feet).  Personal experiences of a Japanese-American internee during World War II, and her poetry published about her experiences later in life.

Hmong Resource Materials Collection, 1983-1994 (6 linear inches). Bibliographies, articles, newsletters and guides to the Hmong language, culture and arts.

  • Yeun Lew Papers

Yuen Lew Papers, (6 linear inches, 1910-1921). Business records and correspondence of a Chinese merchant in Fresno. All the materials are in Chinese.

Walter E. Pollock Papers, 1942-1955, 1966-1985, 1995 (1.75 linear feet).  Research and writings relating to the Japanese-American incarceration during World War II.

TOMO Foundation Collection, 1942-1945 (9 linear inches). Newsletters and circulars produced in World War II Japanese internment camps and assembly centers in California, Colorado, Arizona, Utah and Wyoming. Includes sixty-three official photographs of Japanese Americans in camps and other locations, commissioned by the War Relocation Authority. The TOMO Foundation photographs can be accessed online through our San Joaquin Valley Japanese Americans in World War II digitized collection.