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PH152T: Health Information Access and Management

This guide provides resources for the topic course PH152T.


Public Health Topic Course (PH152T): Health Information Access and Management 

This course provides a comprehensive understanding of how information systems, technologies, health literacy, and communication strategies intersect in health informatics. It encourages critical thinking, practical application, and problem-solving skills to address real-world complexities of health information management, focusing on access, utilization, and promoting health equity. 

You are recommended to enroll in this 3-unit course to gain skills in health research such as evidence-based practice (EBP), quantitative and qualitative studies, writing a research paper (IMRAD format), etc., as well as understanding in the following fields:

  • Explore the relevance of health information behaviors in healthcare.
  • Implement effective health literacy strategies and interventions.
  • Address misinformation in health communication.

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