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A curated guide for sociology students


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Internships are a valuable part of the undergraduate experience. An internship can provide professional connections, expands your resume, allows you to apply classroom knowledge, and helps to develop skills as you explore a variety of career interests, occupations, and work environments.

For those who are interested in graduate school, some programs will want to see that you have hands-on experience in the field in addition to an academic understanding.

Most common sectors that provide internships:
• Arts and Culture  •Business  • Criminal Justice  • Education  • Entertainment
• Environment  • Government  • Healthcare  • International NGOs • Law/Legal Professions
• Law Enforcement   • Marketing  • Non-profits  • Research  • Philanthropy
• Politics Social Services • Sports   • Technology  • Tourism

Finding an Internship

Resources for Finding Internships

Fresno State's Career Development Center offers career counseling, which includes internships. They can also help you navigate HireFresnoState to find jobs, internships, or research positions right here on campus. In general, it's the first place you should look for help finding an internship (especially a paid one).

The Sociology Department is another potential resource for help identifying an internship site. You can access their handbook there, or on the quick links tab on any page of this guide.

Other potential sources can include local organizations or government. Fresno County has an internship hub that can help students identify potential positions.

Students who are interested in an out-of-town internship can also look at the state or federal level. The American Sociological Association provides a job bank where jobs and internships may be posted. However, it requires you to be a member or pay for access. 

Job boards like LinkedIn, Internships, or Glassdoor may also be helpful.