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U.S. Administrative Law (Regulations)

Federal Register / Code of Federal Regulations

How to Locate Chenges Since the Last CFR

The CFR is kept up to date by issues of the Federal Register.
Use the List of Sections Affected (LSA) to find Federal Register entries containing amendments, deletions, or additions to regulations.

The LSA is a monthly, cumulative list of CFR sections affected by documents published in the Federal Register.
   1.  Note the revision date printed on the CFR volume
   2.  Check all issues of the LSA since that CFR date
   3.  Check all issues of the Federal Register since the latest LSA:
        The Federal Register lists "CFR Parts Affected in This Issue" after its table of contents. 
        The "Reader Aids" section at the end of each Federal Register issue has a cumulative list of CFR parts affected that month.

List of Sections Affected
In the Library  1946-       Reference KF 70 A34 C6
Internet 1997-     via GPO Access