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Tracing Federal Legislation

Floor Action

The Congressional Record and its predecessors are the official record of the proceedings and debates of Congress.

Congressional Record via
      •  Congressional Record (Daily) 1994 on  (103rd Congress, 2nd Session-    )
      •  History of Bills 1983-1984 on  (98th Congress, 1st Session-   )
      •  Congressional Record Index (Daily) 1983 on  (98th Congress, 1st Session-   )
      •  Congressional Record (Bound), March 1873 on  (43rd Congress, Special Session-   )

Congressional Record 1921 on via  Library of Congress

The full-text of the predecessors to the Congressional Record is available through the Library of Congress' A Century of Lawmaking for a New Nation collection. Some of the early Congressional Record is also available on that site:

      •  Annals of Congress 1774-1824  (1st Congress - 18th Congress, 1st Session)

      •  Register of Debates 1824-1837  (18th Congress, 2nd Session - 25th Congress, 1st Session )

      •  Congressional Globe 1833-1873  (23rd - 42nd Congresses)

      •  Congressional Record 1873-1875 only  (43rd Congress)