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Tracing Federal Legislation

Bills & Bill Status

Bills are drafts of laws which propose new laws, or amend or repeal existing law.  Library of Congress
The official website for U.S. federal legislative information.
     •  Text of bills from 1989 on; bill summary and status from 1973 on.

Congressional Record Index, "History of Bills and Resolutions" section.
       Does not contain the text of the bills:
        lists legislative actions on bills reported in the Congressional Record."
     •  Entries give the bill number, title, summary, sponsors and cosponsors,
        and list actions on the bill giving the Congressional Record page and date.
              e.g., S5798 [9JN] = Senate section, page 5798, June 9.
     1911-   In the Library: 1st floor, Government Information Reference   KF 35 .C6
     1983-   online via