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Special Collections Research Center - Collections

Special Collections Research Center - Collections

Digitized Resources

The Fresno State yearbooks and campus newspaper, The Collegian have been digitized and are now available to view as digital collections online.  The links to each are below:



Campus Sculptures

An Album of Campus Scultures, by Allan Shields

Faculty bibliography

This digital bibliography provides high visibility and increased access to published research. Citations for books, articles, and published proceedings link to the Henry Madden Library collections using the Library's "Find It @ Fresno State" links. Unpublished materials, such as white papers, artwork, and other materials created by members of the campus community can be deposited in the Campus Digital Commons (currently under development).


The University Archives is the official repository for the historical records of the university. It serves to document the functions and activities of the university community since its inception. In addition to housing all course catalogs, yearbooks and staff and student directories, the archives includes, for example, reports of university committees, departmental records, files of student organizations and the personal papers of certain faculty members, administrators and alumni. There is also a faculty books collection that has been cataloged.

Digitized copies of old course catalogs (back to the 1940s) are available on the General Catalog site at:

Faculty Publications in the University Archives

There is a collection of both books and journal articles written by Fresno State faculty members over the years.  For the books, you can search for them in the library's online catalog:
You can use the search term: California State University, Fresno Faculty Publications to see all of them.

The journal articles are kept in boxes organized by the author's last name.  Please ask for them at the Special Collections Research Center, open by appointment during the weekdays.  Please call 559/278-2595 or e-mail us at



Harold Haak Papers, 1954-2003 (4 linear feet). Correspondence, appointment books, speeches and other material documenting the activities of CSUF’s President from 1980 to 1991

Arnold Joyal Papers, 1923-1995 (1.5 linear feet). Correspondence, appointment diaries, photographs, articles, reports and speeches documenting the activities of Fresno State President from 1948 to 1964.

McLane/Harris Family Papers, 1865-1963 (4.25 linear feet). Charles McLane was president from 1911 to 1927.

Frederic Ness Papers, 1940-1995 (2 linear feet). President from 1964 to 1969.

Frank Thomas.  President from 1927 to 1948.

John Welty.  President from 1991-2013.

Faculty and administrators

W. Donald Albright Papers, 1961-1974, 2001 (4 linear feet). Materials from Albright’s days as Dean of Students during one of the most turbulent periods in Fresno State’s history. The unrest on campus, minority issues, and the rights and responsibilities of both students and faculty at Fresno State and other campuses is also documented.

American Association of University Professors (AAUP), Fresno Chapter Records, 1957-1981 (5.25 linear inches). Administrative records of this local AAUP chapter. Includes documents from three past presidents in the 1970s: William York, George Raney and John Barta.

Arthur Berdahl Papers, 1924-1989 (7.5 linear feet). Musical scores, pamphlets, journals, reel-to-reel tapes, LP records and photographs of composer and Music professor.

Marjorie A. Brewster Papers, 1917-1962 (1 linear inch). Brewster was an alumnus who taught at the Fresno State College Laboratory School and joined the faculty in the Education department in 1938. A small collection of certificates, diplomas, letters, speeches and transcripts, all related to her teaching career.

Paul D. Bush Papers, 1961-2007 (5.75 linear feet).  Bush was an economics professor from 1961-2001.

A. Wayne Colver Papers, 1963-1987 (2 linear feet). Correspondence and material pertaining to two books by Colver, a CSUF philosophy professor.

Fred. E. Dempster Papers, 1950-1995 (4 linear feet).  Dempster was a music professor from 1951-1984.

William Dienstein Papers, 1921-1999 (5 linear feet). Primarily lecture notes for classes in Criminology and Sociology with materials about professional activities and civic positions.

Russell Fey Papers, 1969-1986 (3.25 linear feet). Correspondence and teaching materials pertaining to urban and regional planning.

Jack Fortner Papers, 1963-2002 (2.5 linear feet). Compositions and music sketches from a music professor who has also served as a symphony conductor for many years in different parts of the country and the world.

Michael Gorman Papers, 1957-2007 (7 linear feet). Publications, correspondence, meeting agendas, speeches and other materials related to Gorman’s career as a catalog librarian, Dean of Library Services and President of the American Library Association.

Katsuyo Howard Papers, 1980-2003 (7 linear feet).  Howard served as coordinator for Southeast Asian Student Services at Fresno State from 1981-2008.

Sudarshan Kapoor Papers, 1963-2012 (1.5 linear feet).  Kapoor was a professor in social work education from 1967-2006.

Dickran Kouymjian, 1952-2008 (6.5 linear fee).  Koumjian taught Armenian studies from 1977-2008.

Albert Lang Papers, 1909-1924, 1937-1971 (8.5 inches). Correspondence, articles and photographs from an administrator at Fresno State.

Philip Levine Papers, 1955-2009 (9.75 linear feet).  Levine was a professor of English from 1958-1992.  Poet Laureate of the United States for 2011-2012.

Henry Miller Madden Papers, 1854-1982 (50 linear feet).  University Librarian from 1949 to 1979.

Frank R. Morris Papers, 1905-1956 (2.25 linear feet). The first chair of the Mathematics and Engineering Department and a professor from 1921 to 1955 at the old University Avenue campus (now Fresno City College).

Vincent E. Petrucci Papers, 1925-2002 (9.75 linear feet). Mainly course materials from Petrucci’s 46 years of teaching in the Viticulture and Enology program as well as items from his professional activities including consulting, speeches, conferences and publications.

Hubert Phillips Papers.  Phillips taught from 1923-1955 in social science.

Kenneth Potter Papers.  Potter was a professor of social science, who taught from 1927-1947.

Juliet Dixon Renouf Papers, 1889-1950 (2 linear inches). Photographs and teaching materials of Renouf who taught Physical Education and Physiology at the then Fresno Normal School and later the Fresno State Teachers College.

William T. Shaw Papers. Shaw taught zoology from 1929-1943.

Ephraim Smith Papers.  Smith was a professor of history from 1966-2005.

Roger Tatarian Papers, 1934-1995 (1 linear foot). Tatarian was a professor of Journalism from 1972 to 1987.

Alexander Vavoulis Papers. 1961-2012 (1 linear foot).  Vavoulis was a professor of Chemistry from 1963-1994 who was very active in the Fresno Free College Foundation and its radio station, KFCF-FM from the 1970s to 1990s. 

Arthur G. Wahlberg.  Wahlberg taught music at Fresno State from 1911-1943.


Malinda Chouinard Papers, 1983-1992 (1.2 linear feet). Documents relating to the Patagonia company, the internationally-recognized, environmentally-conscious sportswear firm that Malinda Chouinard and her husband, Yvon Chouinard, founded in the 1970s.

Mary Carolyn Dobbs Papers, 1945-2004 (1.7 linear feet). Correspondence, committee files, awards, photographs and publications by and about Dobbs, a pioneer in special education. Also includes issues of The Pointer, a special education journal she established in 1952.

John Hultburg Papers.  Records from the well known painter, who got his undergraduate degree at Fresno State.

Rick Husband Papers. Husband was an astronaut and commander of the space shuttle Columbia, who was killed when the shuttle disintegrated upon re-entry into the atmosphere.  He was awarded the Congressional Space Medal of Honor.

Virginia Sager Jansen Papers, 1909-2004 (1.1 linear feet). One of the first female student body presidents (1943-1944), Jansen went on to teach elementary shcool for thirty years. Her papers include teaching materials, scrapbooks and newspaper clippings.


Admissions and Records Office, 1911-1969 (6 linear feet). Contains enrollment registers, lists of students and attendance records.

Agricultural Economics, 1990-1999 (1.75 linear feet).  Collection contains primarily minutes, correspondence, and textbook information.

Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFROTC) Records, 1947-2000 (5 linear feet) Scrapbooks, photo albums and yearbooks of the AFROTC Detachment 035. Also includes scrapbooks from Angel Flight, a women’s auxiliary group that raised funds for social events with the AFROTC in the 1960s.

American Association of University Professors, Fresno Chapter, 1957-1981 (6.5 linear inches) Materials related to the operation of this organization for Fresno college professors.

Amerasia Club Records, 1976-1998, 2005 (3.5 linear inches). Announcements and other background and publicity materials on Amerasia Week, held each spring on campus.

Asian Studies Club Records, 1968-1973 (1 linear inch). Constitution, minutes and agenda, correspondence, memoranda and a scrapbook from this now defunct club.

Associate Provost, 1960-2010 (4.5 linear feet).  Memos, meeting minutes, accreditation reports, correspondence, program reviews, course information and course changes.

Associated Students, Inc., 1911-2011 (22 linear feet).  The Associated Students, Inc. is the student body organization at California State University, Fresno, fostering awareness of student opinions on campus issues, assisting in the protection of student rights, and providing programs and services to meet the needs of the students.

Budget Office, 1913-2006 (8.25 linear inches). Contains appropriations, financial statements, budget proposals. 

California State University, Fresno Association, Inc., 1923-2009 (2.25 linear feet).  The CSU Fresno Association oversees the operations of the Kennel Bookstore, the Recreation Center, University Dining Services, University Housing and the Student Union.

California State University, Fresno Foundation, 1923-2011 (1.5 linear feet).  Contains documents, papers, and reports relating to the financial transaction and decisions of the CSUF Foundation.

Campus Unrest Collection, 1965-1979 (1.75 linear feet). University materials collected over time on the unrest and dissension common on many college campuses throughout the U.S. in the late 1960s through the 1970s. Documents activism on campus and the university administration’s responses as well as what was happening at other universities in California, nationally and internationally.

College of Arts and Humanities, 1959-2008 (4 linear inches). Accreditation, reports, publications and Summer Arts materials.

Commencement, 1912-2010 (1.75 linear feet). Commencement programs and scripts.

Computer Center, 1969-1986 (3.5 linear inches). Handbooks, manuals and pamphlets.

Division of Continuing and Global Education, 1949-2014 (4 linear feet).  Catalogs, reports, and information about courses and events.

Craig School of Business, 1953-1979 (2.75 linear feet). Studies, accreditation, publications and reports.

Faculty Men’s Club Records, 1929-1958 (2.5 linear inches). A social club for male faculty members during the earlier years of Fresno State’s history (when the campus was at the University Avenue location).

Faculty Wives Club Records, 1947-2001 (2.4 linear feet). Scrapbooks, newsletters, oral histories and organization information pertaining to a campus group.

Faculty Women’s Club Records, 1926-1978 (9 linear inches). A club formed in 1927 to further social interests and to promote cooperation in professional matters’ among female faculty members. The club disbanded in 1977.

Fresno Bee and Republican Clippings, 1910-1960 (6.5 linear feet).  Clippings from two Fresno newspapers documenting the history of Fresno State.

Division of Graduate Studies, 1948-2011 (14 linear feet).  Reports, awards, correspondence, memoranda and minutes related to post baccelaureate education at Fresno State.

Henry Madden Library Records, 1911-2007 (12 linear feet). Official records created by the Library including annual reports, acquisition lists, memoranda and policies. Also includes information about the Library from the very beginning to the present.

Honors Program, 1937-1977, 2000-2009 (1.25 linear inches). Bulletins, President’s scholars dinner programs.

Institutional Research Office, 1954-2008 (12.25 linear inches). Data books, reports, admission, graduation and retention rates.

Instructional Media Center, 1950-1982 (6.5 linear inches). Annual reports, catalogues and publications.

International Student Services and Programs, 1963-2004 (4.5 linear feet). Scrapbooks, videos and photographs related to international student activities.

Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology, 1953-2006 (1 linear foot). Accreditation, planning, publications, reports and California Agricultural Technology Institute (CATI) materials.

Kenneth L. Maddy Institute Records, 1999-2003 (5 linear inches). Brochures, newspaper clippings and videocassettes documenting the formation and early activities of this institute.

Kremen School of Education, 1956-1975, 2006 (1.25 linear feet). Accreditation, bulletins, publications, program reviews and reports.

Lab School, 1913-1970 (5 linear feet).  The Lab School provided a laboratory demonstration facility for the pre-service preparation of elementary school teachers.

Mass Communication and Journalism Department, 1952-1975 (8 linear feet). Audiocassettes of lectures, speeches, press conferences, theatrical productions, campus radio programs and convocation ceremonies.

Music Department, 1920-2011 (3.75 linear feet).  Announcements, concert programs, correspondence, undergraduate and graduate program information, and newspaper clippings.

Periodicals, (13.5 linear feet).  Periodicals published by various units and clubs associated with Fresno State.

Phi Kappa Phi Records, 1929-2015 (2.5 linear feet).  Records of the Fresno State Chapter of Phi Kappa Phi, the nation's oldest, largest, and most selective honor society.

Placement Office, 1954-1989 (5.5 linear inches). Placement records, registration lists, annual reports, memoranda and manuals.

President’s Office, 1911-2013 (54 linear feet). Documents the history of the executive office of the university. Includes President’s cabinet materials, memoranda, reflections, speeches and annual progress reports.

Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, 1957-2009 (9 linear feet). Annual reports, memoranda, Provost’s Awards, Academic Affairs department notebooks, academic calendars.

Sabbatical Reports, 1962-2018 (13.75 linear feet).  Sabbatical reports of professors and other faculty.

Save Mart Center, 1996-2004 (3.5 linear feet).  Materials related to the design and construction of the Save Mart Center.

Scheduling Office, 1965-1968 (1 linear inch). Contains master scheduling calendars.

Scholarships and Financial Aid Office, 1946-1971 (1.5 linear inches). Consists of financial aid and scholarship announcements.

Southeast Asian Student Services Records, 1987-2003 (7 linear inches). Mostly newsletters, pamphlets, statistics and reports about the Southeast Asian student population. Also includes information about the genesis of the Southeast Student Services office and photographs.

Sports collection, 1938-2012 (6.83 linear feet).  Programs and publications related to intercollegiate athletic activity at Fresno State.

Stadium Collection, 1970-1982 (1.75 linear feet).  Materials related to the construction of the football stadium at Fresno State.

Student Personnel Services, 1954-1987 (5 linear inches). Contains handbooks, policies and publications

University Advancement Office, 2003-2006 and undated (2 linear inches). Contains materials related to the Campaign for Fresno State, as well as the Peace Garden and annual action plans.

University Committees, 1925-2010 (11.5 linear feet). This collection contains the records of the various committees that have been formed on campus to address a myriad of issues and agendas. It includes both ad hoc and standing committee minutes and records.

University Communications Office, 1934-1994 (11 linear feet). Contains newspaper clippings, press releases, reel to reel audio relating to public relations.

University Religious Center Records, 1946-1994 (4.75 linear feet). Mostly administrative records such as minutes, reports, budgets and correspondence relating to the organization and activities of the center. Also includes photographs and some films and sound recordings created by the center.

Vice President for Administration, 2000, 2009 (2 linear inches). Contains manuals and memoranda as well as materials related to human resources and public safety.

Vice President for University Advancement, 2004-2009 (1.75 linear inches). Contains materials related to strategic planning and the Campaign for Fresno State.

Vice President of Student Affairs, 1963-2010 (4.25 linear inches). Career Services, student housing, Learning Center and student union related materials as well as pamphlets, programs and other materials related to student affairs.

For further information, please contact: Tammy Lau, University Archivist at the Special Collections Library on the 4th floor of the Madden Library, 559.278.2595.