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University Archives

                                                            Philip Levine

W. Donald Albright Papers, 1961-1974, 2001 (4 linear feet). Materials from Albright’s days as Dean of Students during one of the most turbulent periods in Fresno State’s history. The unrest on campus, minority issues, and the rights and responsibilities of both students and faculty at Fresno State and other campuses is also documented.

American Association of University Professors (AAUP), Fresno Chapter Records, 1957-1981 (5.25 linear inches). Administrative records of this local AAUP chapter. Includes documents from three past presidents in the 1970s: William York, George Raney and John Barta.

Arthur Berdahl Papers, 1924-1989 (7.5 linear feet). Musical scores, pamphlets, journals, reel-to-reel tapes, LP records and photographs of composer and Music professor.

Marjorie A. Brewster Papers, 1917-1962 (1 linear inch). Brewster was an alumnus who taught at the Fresno State College Laboratory School and joined the faculty in the Education department in 1938. A small collection of certificates, diplomas, letters, speeches and transcripts, all related to her teaching career.

Paul D. Bush Papers, 1961-2007 (5.75 linear feet).  Bush was an economics professor from 1961-2001.

A. Wayne Colver Papers, 1963-1987 (2 linear feet). Correspondence and material pertaining to two books by Colver, a CSUF philosophy professor.

Fred. E. Dempster Papers, 1950-1995 (4 linear feet).  Dempster was a music professor from 1951-1984.

William Dienstein Papers, 1921-1999 (5 linear feet). Primarily lecture notes for classes in Criminology and Sociology with materials about professional activities and civic positions.

Russell Fey Papers, 1969-1986 (3.25 linear feet). Correspondence and teaching materials pertaining to urban and regional planning.

Jack Fortner Papers, 1963-2002 (2.5 linear feet). Compositions and music sketches from a music professor who has also served as a symphony conductor for many years in different parts of the country and the world.

Michael Gorman Papers, 1957-2007 (7 linear feet). Publications, correspondence, meeting agendas, speeches and other materials related to Gorman’s career as a catalog librarian, Dean of Library Services and President of the American Library Association.

Katsuyo Howard Papers, 1980-2003 (7 linear feet).  Howard served as coordinator for Southeast Asian Student Services at Fresno State from 1981-2008.

Sudarshan Kapoor Papers, 1963-2012 (1.5 linear feet).  Kapoor was a professor in social work education from 1967-2006.

Dickran Koumjian Papers, 1952-2008 (6.5 linear fee).  Koumjian taught Armenian studies from 1977-2008.

Albert Lang Papers, 1909-1924, 1937-1971 (8.5 inches). Correspondence, articles and photographs from an administrator at Fresno State.

Philip Levine Papers, 1955-2009 (9.75 linear feet).  Levine was a professor of English from 1958-1992.  Poet Laureate of the United States for 2011-2012.

Henry Miller Madden Papers, 1854-1982 (50 linear feet).  University Librarian from 1949 to 1979.

Frank R. Morris Papers, 1905-1956 (2.25 linear feet). The first chair of the Mathematics and Engineering Department and a professor from 1921 to 1955 at the old University Avenue campus (now Fresno City College).

Vincent E. Petrucci Papers, 1925-2002 (9.75 linear feet). Mainly course materials from Petrucci’s 46 years of teaching in the Viticulture and Enology program as well as items from his professional activities including consulting, speeches, conferences and publications.

Hubert Phillips Papers.  Phillips taught from 1923-1955 in social science.

Kenneth Potter Papers.  Potter was a professor of social science, who taught from 1927-1947.

Juliet Dixon Renouf Papers, 1889-1950 (2 linear inches). Photographs and teaching materials of Renouf who taught Physical Education and Physiology at the then Fresno Normal School and later the Fresno State Teachers College.

William T. Shaw Papers. Shaw taught zoology from 1929-1943.

Ephraim Smith Papers.  Smith was a professor of history from 1966-2005.

Roger Tatarian Papers, 1934-1995 (1 linear foot). Tatarian was a professor of Journalism from 1972 to 1987.

Alexander Vavoulis Papers. 1961-2012 (1 linear foot).  Vavoulis was a professor of Chemistry from 1963-1994 who was very active in the Fresno Free College Foundation and its radio station, KFCF-FM from the 1970s to 1990s. 

Arthur G. Wahlberg.  Wahlberg taught music at Fresno State from 1911-1943.