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The Library Diversity Committee at Fresno State

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity in Belief Systems Display

Informational title sign in display. "Diversity in Belief Systems: an introduction to various belief systems and practices. Display Curator: Library Diversity Committee."  Facebook page MaddenLibraryDiversity with QR code linked to Facebook page.  Perspective view of display cases from the seating area in the Diversity Lounge. All display items are books from the main collection focusing on religion, spirituality, etc.  

Diversity in Belief Systems

Summer 2016 Display

The Library Diversity Committee features introductory books on various belief systems and spiritual practices found throughout the world.

Recommended Books Available Through Ebook Central

Fashion Merchandising Display


Fashion Merchandising

April-May 2016 Display

A collaboration between Fashion Merchandising 128 (FM 128) class of Spring 2016, taught by Dr. Lizhu Davis, and the Library Diversity Committee, highlighting diversity found within the fashion merchandising industry.

Diversity in Geek Culture


Diversity in Geek Culture

March 2016 Display

Celebrating diversity found within geek culture and entertainment with a focus on Steampunk, comic books, video games, manga (Japanese comics), and anime (Japanese animation).


Recommended Books Available Through Ebook Central

Black History Month 2016

Full picture of display cases with items including books, musical instruments, figures, busts, and jewelry of African heritage.  Close-up of the musical section of the display. Shows books "Make a Joyful Sound" and "Celebration Song", along with musical instruments including a small drum, paddle drum, bells, shell rattle, and shekere.

Celebrating the African Diaspora

February 2016 Display

Featuring the collection of Dr. Francine L. Oputa in collaboration with the Cross Cultural and Gender Center.

2014 Display/Exhibit

October 2014 
We Are EQUAL to the Task: Disability Employment Awareness Month

Location: Henry Madden Library, 2nd Floor, North Wing (near the elevators) 

Find books, government documents, and articles on how disability make positive changes among professions in various professional areas, such as business, law, education, engineering, and healthcare.