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The Library Diversity Committee at Fresno State

Diversity and Inclusion

Nowruz - Persian New Year Exhibit (March to April 2018)

Nowruz continued

Nowruz - Persian New Year
March-April 2018 Display

"Please join the Library Diversity Committee in collaboration with the Persian Cultural Club and The Middle East Studies Program at Fresno State, as we celebrate the International Day of Nowruz, welcoming spring through the months of March and April by visiting our exhibit in the Library Diversity Lounge, 2nd Floor North.

Nowruz is a celebration of the beginning of spring. It takes place on March 21 and is recognized by more than 300 million people worldwide as the beginning of the New Year. Nowruz has been celebrated for over 3,000 years in the Balkans, the Black Sea Basin, the Caucasus, Central Asia, the Middle East and other regions."

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International Education

Display cases contain library resources on international education. Map on wall shows the countries Fresno State is in partnerships with - about 40 countries around the world.   Display case shelf containing library materials on international education.

map of the world with arrows pointing to approximately forty countries fresno state is in partnership with

International Education Week Library Exhibit

November-December 2017

Fresno State celebrates International Education Week 2017 with events and exhibits. The Library Diversity Committee created an exhibit based on the theme of international education by showcasing the library's resources on international education. The display also included a map of the world with the list of international partnerships Fresno State is involved with.

Library Resources:

Recommended Books Available Through Ebook Central

Campus Resources:

Conflict Resolution

Items on one of the display shelves. Item in focus is a wood carved globe made in Malawi.  White origami crane in the middle of books about peace cranes and Sadako.

 Glass container in an open wooden box. Container holds Ma'joon which is perfume for calming the mind.

(Ma'joon - Perfume for calming the mind)

Conflict Resolution

October 2017

[Text from Display] "The Mediator Mentors Program at Fresno State is a university-public school partnership in which college students from the Peace and Conflict Studies program implement peer mediation in local schools. The mission of this program is to teach and nurture respectful conflict resolution skills in youth and help future professionals through direct instruction, guided practice, and cross-age mentoring relationships. The Mediator Mentors Program has been in existence since 1998 and has served about 8,000 teachers and children since its inception. Our school Peer Mediation teams work with students in 106 schools and 14 districts. The Mediator Mentors Program at Fresno State celebrates Conflict Resolution Day by organizing a lecture on concepts related to peace, and includes an award ceremony for the winners of the Mediators' Art Contest."

For more information, please check out our website at:


student art pieces with text and an image in the middle   student art pieces with text and an image in the middle

full display with thirteen panels each panel consisting of three art pieces

Shift: A Student Project Tapping Into Peace, Joy and Love

August-September 2017 Display

[Text from Display] "Students participating in the Student Support Services program created these displayed visualization boards as part of a course project. Through guided visualization, in which they connect with memories of peace, joy and love in their lives, they create symbols to represent their memories and write short paragraphs about each of the memories.

After participation in the guided visualization, some or all of the words from their paragraphs are used as a textual background for their symbols. The intention of the project is to create a visual reminder of the good in their lives, meant to inspire them when they are experiencing personal challenges.

The visualization boards displayed were created by Fresno State students including student Veterans."