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Photographs and Slides

June English Local History Photographs

June English Local History Collection Photographs


Materials relating to the history of Fresno and Madera Counties and the adjacent Sierra Nevada Mountains. Includes books, typescripts, research notes, newspaper clippings, oral interview tapes and transcripts, and maps. 15 linear feet + approx. 100 photographs. Mrs English was a local historian.


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JE-1 Washington Grammar School, ca.1910. Mary Hinks, Verna Carson, Isabelle Garlinghouse, Margaret Wear, Marie Russell, Harriet Baker, and Ida Bacon standing in front of the school? Contemporary postcard stock.
JE-2 Burrough Meadow, ca.1910. Kate Black, Gertrude Bacon, Frank Bacon, Agnes Hayes, Cowan Sample, Annie Overholt, Tom Norris, Lulu Doyle, and Nile? Craghead sitting on a log in front of a cabin. Original mounted photograph.
JE-3 Bacon Meadow, 1891. E.W. Lindsay, Jim McKee, Annie Laura Harris, Mary Roscoe, and W.C. Cook playing around on a burro. Original mounted photograph.
JE-4 Liberty Camp, 1891. Judge Harris’s camp at Bacon’s Meadow. Group of people in front of a large lean-to. Original mounted photograph.
JE-5 Sierra Nevada Mountains, ca.1915. Unidentified photographer with motion picture? camera on top of a large rock.
JE-6 Lewis House, ca.1943. Built in 1856 by James H. “Doc” Lewis, three miles from O’Neals. Owned in 1943 by Mr & Mrs John E. Bugg. Copy.
JE-7 William Taylor Bluford & family, ca.189-. Group seated in front of their house in Fresno Flats. Copy.
JE-8 Mal McLeod, ca.1900. Mal (standing) and his brother (seated) in studio portrait. Damaged copy. Mal invented the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway tool called the “McLeon”.
JE-9 Nettie Marie Meyers Wood, ca.1874.
JE-10 Indians – Yosemite, ca.1889. Indian woman with conical basket. Bark house in background. Copy. (See also JE-41)
JE-11 Indians – Dunlap, 1950. Group of Indian women. Identified on verso. Copy.
JE-12 Indians – Dunlap, 1944. Several Indian women with baskets. Identified on verso. Copy.
JE-13 Alexander H. “Doc” Hogue with second wife, Miss Poole, ca.189-. Studio portrait. Copy.
JE-14 Alexander H. “Doc” Hogue, wife Flora Ellen Nichols, and daughter Ethel Hogue Poole, ca.188-. Studio portrait. Copy.
JE-15 Flora Ellen Nichols Hogue, wife of Alexander H. “Doc” Hogue, ca.1876. Studio portrait. Copy.
JE-16 Josephine Nichols Regan with husband, ca.189-. Studio portrait. Copy.
JE-17 Stuart Nichols, ca.189-. Copy.
JE-18 Nichols House (1st), Fresno Flats, ca.1889? Copy.
JE-19 Nichols house (1st & 2d), Fresno Flats, ca.1889? Family members around house. Identified on verso. Copy.
JE-20 Nichols (2d), Fresno Flats, ca.1889. Family members around house. Identified on verso. Copy.
JE-21 Morgan Nichols (b.1859), ca.189-. Twin brother of Flora Ellen, wife of Alexander H. “Doc” Hogue. Studio portrait. Copy.
JE-22 George Nelson Finch (1828-1918), ca.189-. Studio portrait. Copy.
JE-23 Sarah Jane Lewis Finch (1844-1941), ca.189-. Studio portrait. Copy.
JE-24 Theodore Trimmer and daughter Kate, ca.1880. Studio portrait. Copy.
JE-25 Trimmer Springs Ranch and Hotel, ca.190-. Copy.
JE-26 Tully Family, 1884. Family members identified on verso. Copy.
JE-27 Gene Tully and Frank Price as forest rangers, ca.1908. Copy.
JE-28 Gene Tully with his sister and brother, ca.1890. Studio portrait. Copy.
JE-29 Gene Tully on his horse, Dan Patch, 1908. Copy. 2 cop.
JE-30 Gene Tully at Sierra National Forest Headquarters, March 1968. Fresno Bee photograph.
JE-31 Sheep crossing a log over the South Fork of the San Joaquin River near summit of the Sierra, 1917. Copy. 3 cop.
JE-32 Andrew Firebaugh (1823-1875), ca.185-. Copy of the daguerreotype? with negative.
JE-33 John Firebaugh (1789-1867), grandfather? of Andrew, ca.186-. Copy.
JE-34 John Firebaugh (1789-1867), grandfather? of Andrew, ca.185-. Copy.
JE-35 Eleanor McCutchen Firebaugh, second wife of John Firebaugh, ca.185-. Copy.
JE-36 America Bell Winkleman, Rachel Moss Ritter, and Francis Marion Ritter, August 17, 1892. Studio portrait. Copy.
JE-37 Charles Howard Shinn, ca.191-. In front of Peace Cabin. Copy.
JE-38 Julia Tyler Shinn, 1888. Studio portrait. Copy. 2 cop.
JE-39 Julia Tyler Shinn, 1924. In her Peace Cabin garden. Copy. 2 cop.
JE-40 Bates Station Stage Stop, 1958.
JE-41 Indians – Yosemite, ca.1889. Indians with baskets in front of bark house. Copy. (See also JE-10-12)


JE-42 – JE-61: Hume-Bennett Lumber Company, ca.1913 From Wayman Doyle’s scrapbook All photos are original


JE-42 Flume near Centerville?
JE-43 Flume near Centerville?
JE-44 Hume clubhouse.
JE-45 Lift station for logs.
JE-46 Lift station for logs.
JE-47 Lift station for logs.
JE-48 Lumber camp.
JE-49 Hume Lake with lumber camp.
JE-50 Hume Lake as mill pond.
JE-51 Log entering sawmill.
JE-52 Log entering sawmill.
JE-53 Logs in mill pond.
JE-54 Two women on Hume Lake dam.
JE-55 Model T at lumber camp?
JE-56 Model T on mountain road.
JE-57 Model T on mountain road.
JE-58 Model T on mountain road.
JE-59 Model T on mountain road.
JE-60 Family trip in car to Sierra Nevada Mountains.
JE-61 Family trip in car to Sierra Nevada Mountains.
JE-62 Family trip in car to Sierra Nevada Mountains.


JE-63 – JE-78: General forest views


JE-63 Logging operation in distance.
JE-64 Mountain road and logged-over area.
JE-65 Logged-over area.
JE-66 View of deep canyon.
JE-67 View of deep canyon.
JE-68 View of deep canyon.
JE-69 Giant sequoia.
JE-70 Giant sequoia.
JE-71 Giant sequoia.
JE-72 Giant sequoia.
JE-73 Giant sequoia.
JE-74 Fallen Monarch.
JE-75 Fallen Monarch.
JE-76 Cut stump of a giant sequoia.
JE-77 Base of a giant sequoia.
JE-78 View of forest.
JE-79 Centerville School, ca.191-. Student and teachers on the front steps. Copy.
JE-80 Jackrabbit hunt, Reedley, CA, ca.191-. Located at Great Western, now Cella Vineyard. Alexander Photo.
JE-81 Dead jackrabbits at Great Western, now Cella Vineyard, ca.191-. Alexander Photo.
JE-82 Kingston Ferry, ca.1900. Wagonload of hay and men on ferry.
JE-83 Firebaugh Bridge, s.d. Original photograph in the Fresno County Public Works Department.
JE-84 Firebaugh Bridge, s.d. Close-up of turning mechanism. Same source as JE-83?
JE-85 Firebaugh Bridge, s.d. Another angle of a close-up of turning mechanism. Same source as JE-84?
JE-86 Firebaugh home in Rockbridge County, VA.
JE-87 Plaque erected at Firebaugh Ferry site.
JE-88 Unidentified woman resembling Leona Zapp, but ca.1933.
JE-89 Incline railroad, Hume Lake?, ca.1913-1915.
JE-90 Annie L. Harris, Mattie King Harris, and another young woman, ca.1897. Fresno Foster Studios (Fresno) photo.
JE-91 Nellie M. Knowlton, ca.1900. Foster (Fresno) photo.
JE-92 Baby Ruth Maxwell, ca.1900. Foster (Fresno) photo.
JE-93 Al Hobler, ca.1900. Mullender (Hanford) photo.
JE-94 Tom Roscoe, ca.1900. Rifenburg & Dowe (Fresno) photo.
JE-95 George Clay, ca.1900. Mrs L.S. Burt (Fresno) photo.
JE-96 Susanne Yager, 1896. Adelsback (Fresno?) photo.
JE-97 Bell Shultz Knoblock, ca.1900. Maxwell (Fresno) photo. 2 cop.
JE-98 Mr Knoblock, ca.1900. Hartwell (Phoenix) photo.
JE-99 ‘Auntie’ Shultz and Belle Knoblock, ca.1900. Coules (Los Angeles) photo.