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Photographs and Slides

McLane Harris Family Photographs

Mclane/Harris Family Photographs


Photograph albums


  • McLane family and friends, 1870s/1880s – Memphis, MO; Dixon, CA; Milton, IA; San Francisco; Sacramento; Valparaiso, IN; Salinas, CA; Kahoka, MO; College Hill (?). Many unidentified photos.
  • McLane family and friends, 1870s/1880s – Valparaiso, IN; Lexington, KY; Kahoka, MO; St. Louis; Milton, IA; San Diego; Memphis, MO; Dixon, CA (CLM’s girlfriend?); College Hill?; Canton, MO.
  • 1920s – CLM’s daughter, Mrs. Ronald Harris, and granddaughter, Mrs Barbara (Bobbe) Brock; Mrs McLane’s mother; McLane home (725 Ashlan Ave.); Wishon; M.B. Harris family.
  • McLane and Best families, Quincy, IL, 1900; trips to Washington, New York, etc.; Will McLane’s house, Memphis, MO; California, 1897; P St. house; Nielsen St. (at K St.) house, 1902; Yosemite, 1902, 1909; interior views of house (which one?); Santa Fe Railroad depot, Fresno; Kearney Park, Fresno, gatehouse.
  • Jessie Boggs Harris’s ancestors, 185 -1880s (many Civil War era)
  • Dorothy Noble Hill Family, Fresno.
  • Miniature photograph album. 24 images mounted on 12 leaves, ca.1869. (Boggs family?) In box with glass photographs.




Loose photographs:


  • Two CLM photos, ca.1915, and several unidentified photos, ca. World War II.
  • McLane family photos
  • Marguerite McLane (Mrs. Ronald B. Harris) photos and diplomas
  • Diademma Best McLane, Best family, Marguerite McLane, “Sage Hens” (in an envelope)
  • Ronald Harris photos and photos of the Sierra taken by him.
  • M.B. Harris photos.
  • Daguerreotype of Biddle Boggs, ca.1850. Shaw & Johnson, San Francisco.
  • Photo of 743 Mildreda Ave. house.
  • Daguerreotype of woman and child, ca.1850s.
  • Ambrotype of baby, ca.1860s. French & Sawyer’s, Keene, NH. In metal frame as issued.
  • Ambrotype of young girl, ca.1860s. In half of a gutta-percha case.




Boggs photo album – Civil War military figures


NS – no revenue stamp
S – revenue stamp


  • Biddle Boggs (Capt.), Shreveport, LA (S)
  • William H. Hodgkins (Capt.), Boston (S)
  • Levi Rinehart, Springfield, OH (NS)
  • William Drum (Col.?), New York – Brady (S)
  • William Drum (Lt.), Washington, D.C. (NS)
  • L.P. Mudgett (Capt.), Port Hudson, LA – Signed (NS)
  • Biddle Boggs (Col.?), New Orleans – Decorative back (NS) (2 cop.)
  • Cy Hamlin (Maj. Gen.), S.l. (NS)
  • Elias Hodsdon (Lt.), New Orleans (NS)
  • Unidentified (Col.), New York (NS)
  • ? Child (Lt.), Baton Rouge, LA (NS)
  • ? Sarton (Gen.), New York – Brady (NS)
  • ? Sarton (Gen.), New York – Brady (NS)
  • ? Whiting (Capt.), Baton Rouge, LA (NS)