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Photographs and Slides

Basil Prior Photographs

Basil Prior Photographs

Loose photos

Margaret Prior – Tawranga, New Zealand

Picking oranges, Lindsay area. 1 man in pith helmet. Porter, photographer Henry Fielding, Canterbury, Eng.

Edward J. Standen, 18th Lancs. Fusilers, Aug. 1919, staff? officer – Proof

Mountain View home of Georgiana Prior before her marriage to Basil Prior

Georgian manor, Hopebourn House, ca.1890. O.W. Allen, photographer, Canterbury, Eng.

Georgian manor, Hopebourn House, ca.1890 – Another view

Cottage, ca.1870s. J. Bateman, photographer, Cambridge, Eng.

Cottage, ca.1870s – Another view

Unidentified male in his 20s, ca.1930? Old Master Studio, Sacramento

Home of Basil and his sister, Dorothea (old Palmer Ranch), 1896

Jury in Howe Brooks murder trial, Visalia – B.P. in photo, March 1918

Jefferson School, Lindsay, ca.1918. “French Photo, Visalia”

B.P. and Georgiana? 1908 and 194-

B.P., ca.1908

Muriel Sworder (Prior)

Students of Grades L-7, Washington School, Lindsay, 1922

Students at Jefferson School, Lindsay, ca.192-

Ethel M. Hamilton, Oct. 1927. Montreal photographer

Aunt Emily Prior’s ranch at Blocksburg, Humboldt County, ca.188-?

Miscellaneous unidentified people – B.P.’s daughter?

Muriel Prior Sworden – Vienna, Löwy, 1894

Robert Prior, uncle of B.P., Jan. 1913

Robert Prior, 1903

Bathyrn J. Beasley, 1912, 1893-1929

Henry Fielding, Canterbury, Eng., ca.late 1920s

Mrs P? and baby, Suisun, CA, ca.190-

Children – Eric (b.1909), Susan (b.1915)

Georgiana Ehrhorn Prior, Apr. 8, 1908

Georgiana Ehrhorn Prior, ca.1908

Georgiana Ehrhorn Prior and Winfred Carnegie Prior, ca.1925

Gilbert Prior, B.P.’s cousin, London, 189-

Dorothea and Georgiana with Eric and baby brother Basil, 1919 or 1920

Dorothea Prior, Newark, Eng., 1896

Georgiana Ehrhorn Prior and Adolpho.

Edward J. Standen, 18th Lancs. Fusiler, 1918?

Album bound in tapa cloth, 1927-28 – B.P. in photos


Downtown Mariposa

Speedboat race and harbor views – Catalina Island?

Single funnel Matson steamer entering dock, California – Same as below album

Prior home?

‘Olive bowl’ in Lindsay?

Lindsay H.S. girl seniors

Model T – ‘Eloise’

Misc. views of people in the Sierra

Track meet, Lindsay?


Camping trips to Sierra National Forest, Tulare County, 1906-10, B.P. in photos


Views in the Sierra National Forest, 1924-26

Views of Lindsay

Views of Lake Arrowhead

Views of San Francisco and San Diego

Views of Big Bear Lake

Views of a harbor (Pacific?)

Farm scenes

Views of Matson Liner entering CA dock – Same as above album

Suede album

Marie Ehrhorn from Dorothea and Basil Prior

Reminiscences of a trip to Kings River Canyon, 1907

‘Las Palmas’ Ranch, Lindsay

‘Grey Gables’

Kaweah route to Giant Forest

Wooden album with butterflies

Grandmother Prior of Basil, Leonard, Muriel & Juda, London, 187-?

Greatgrandmother of B.P., Egremont, Cheshire, ca.187-

Joseph Prior, B.P.’s uncle?

Grandfather of B.P.?

Grey snap cover album (Bijou folder), ca.1907

Various people and views of city (not San Diego)

Cat boat on lake?

Black snap cover album (Bijou folder), ca.1907

Variants of above + unidentified homes and public buildings

Framed photos

Basil’s mother, Susan Elizabeth, ca.187-

Basil’s father, Richard, ca.187-