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FSC 178 - Food Laws, Regulations, Inspection, and Grading

Food Safety and Coronavirus-2019 (COVID-19)

Getting Started

This research guide is intended to provide recommendations and resources for FSC 178.  The guide follows this general structure:

Overview & Background Information: Get a sense of your topic, including general issues and news and related current events

Government Websites: Begin to narrow your search to the agencies that oversee food law, policy, and regulations, including the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Also included are state and local government websites.

Laws and Regulations: Use these resources to find specific codes and regulations

Journal Articles: Suggestions for finding scholarly research articles around food safety, food policy, and regulations

See the tabs above for some additional helpful information in navigating and searching food law and regulations.  

Can't find what you're looking for?  Please contact me at

Government Agencies, Organizations

AHFSS: Animal Health and Food Safety Service

APHIS: Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (a division of the USDA)

CDFA: California Department of Food and Agriculture

CSPI: Center for Science in the Public Interest

EPA: Environmental Protection Agency

FAO: Food and Agriculture Organization

FDA: Food and Drug Administration

FNIC: Food and Nutrition Information Center (a resource in the National Agricultural Library, a division of the USDA)

FSIS: Food Safety Inspection Service (a division of the USDA)

FSPCA: Food Safety Preventative Controls Alliance

NCSL: National Conference of State Legislatures

NRDC: National Resource Defense Council

USDA: United States Department of Agriculture

WHO: World Health Organization


CCR: Code of California Regulations

CFR/e-CFR: Code of Federal Regulations/Electronic Code of Federal Regulations

CRS: Congressional Research Service

FSMA: Food Safety Modernization Act

FSTA: Food Science and Technology Abstracts, a database of food science-related articles

GAP: Good Agricultural Practices

GMP/CGMP: Good Manufacturing Practices/Current Good Manufacturing Practices 

GRAS: Generally Recognized as Safe

HACCP: Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point

PCQI: Preventative Controls Qualified Individual Guide to the Government is the official U.S. portal to all online government information and services. Browse lists of federal, state and local agencies, or search by keywords.

Tips for Searching Google and Google Scholar

Limit Google searches to government websites by adding  to the end of your search terms to search for websites using the .gov (government) domain.  For example, sucralose additive will search only government websites for the terms sucralose additive

Google Scholar through campus proxy
Searches GoogleScholar using your Fresno State ID and password, which allows you to find full-text of articles available through Henry Madden Library

Finding full-text through Google Scholar

  1. While in Google Scholar, select the option More under the article/item citation
  2. This will open Find it @ Fresno State.  Click this option, and you will be directed to OneSearch for full-text options.

Is it a Peer-Reviewed, Scholarly Article?

Use these strategies from our Library DIY guide


Journal of Food Science (JFS) Citation Style

JFS Author's Guidelines on the Institute of Food Technologists website:

Manuscripts must follow the name-year reference format specified in Scientific Style and Format: The CSE Manual for Authors, Editors, and Publishers. 2014, 8th ed.

   • CSE Documentation Style  from The Writer's Handbook, University of Wisconsin-Madison
   • CSE citation examples from Ohio State