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Modern & Classical Languages & Literatures

Research Guide for MCLL majors or students taking MCLL classes.

Finding Books @ the Library

Finding Books Using OneSearch

The best way to locate books, in both electronic and print format, is by using our OneSearch tool, located prominently on the library's website. To learn more, visit the library's guide to using OneSearch

eBooks from the Library

Finding eBooks 
The library provides access to thousands of eBooks to Fresno State users through the library catalog.

To find eBooks, go to the library's home page and do a search from the home page search box. Enter your key words and then choose eBooks on the left side of the page to narrow your results. 

Browse the Stacks

Browsing the Stacks & Using Call Numbers
The library uses the Library of Congress Classification system. Because books are organized by subject, you can use this system to browse the stacks and find books that are similar on the same shelf.

Below are some of the subclasses in the area of Language and Literature (P-PZ) that may help you as you browse the stacks. For the complete Library of Congress Classification Schedule, click here.

PA - Classical Philology (Greek and Latin)
PB - Modern European Languages, Celtic Languages
PC - Romance Languages
PD - Old Germanic and Scandinavian Languages
PE - English Language
PF - Dutch, Flemish, and German Languages
PG - Slavic Languages and Literature
PH - Finno-Ugrian, Basque Languages & Literature
PJ-PL - Oriental Languages
PM - American Indian and Artificial Languages
PN - Literature, Literary History and Collections
PQ - Romance Literature
PR - English Literature
PS - American Literature
PT - German Literature
PZ - Children's Literature

How Call Numbers Work

Image with the title "What is a Call Number?" and visual explanation of how to use them.

Here is an example of a call number that you might find on a book:




1. Books are shelved alphabetically by the first letter or letters (PR)
2. They are then arranged numerically by the number that comes after the letters (4034)
3. Finally, books are shelved alphabetically by the next letter and then decimally by the following number (.P7

Interlibrary Loan

Didn't Find What You Were Looking For? Request It From Another Library. 

The Henry Madden Library offers two options for requesting materials from other libraries:


  • Find and request books and media from all 23 CSU libraries. 
  • Materials arrive in 2-4 business days
  • Most books have 60 day lending periods, no renewals. Media items (DVD's, audio CD's, etc.) usually 30 days, no renewals
  • Select the CSU+ Books and Media collection in Onesearch to find and request materials

Interlibrary Loan

  • Request articles and books not in CSU+ (not textbooks) through interlibrary loan
  • Books typically arrive in 7-10 business days, articles in 2-3 business days
  • Loan period for books varies, as is set by lending library. Articles arrive in PDF format and are accessible for 30 days
  • To request an item, log into your interlibrary loan account, and fill out a new request form