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Education Research


2 Page 10 Source: Literature Review Assignment: 
SE Asian American College Graduation Rates: Barriers and Bridges
Hmong, Filipino, Vietnamese, Laotian/Mein, Indian, Cambodian, Korean, Chinese, Thai, Japanese
Students must cite 10 pieces of books, articles or US Educational Statistics to find the:
a) High school graduation of the specific Asian American group assigned
b) College Graduation Rate
c) Barrier to their graduation [Ie. deportation, English ability, Gangs, refugee, domestic violence, mental illness, what is giving them difficulty?]
d) Bridges to their graduation [i.e.  Many Asian Ph.D.'s, community support, mentor, why are they succeeding?]
All text must be SINGLE-spaced and with Times New Roman font size 12 on 8.5 x 11 inch white paper. Text should be left justified with all margins at least 1 inch

High School and College Graduation Rates

Barriers & Bridges to Graduation: Articles, Books, etc.

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