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Viticulture and Enology Research Guide

This guide includes useful resources for research in grape growing and wine making

Course Reserves and Resources

Recommended and required course materials are available in the Viticulture & Enology Library for students.  These materials are for use in the library only; to locate course materials available for check out or through electronic access, please search the library catalog or contact the librarian.

For materials related to course assignments, including ampelographies, research articles, production and processing statistics, and free-use viticulture and enology images, please speak to librarian Britt Foster.  One-on-one research appointments are available to help locate specific and relevant resources. 

Viticulture and Enology Courses

Viticulture & Enology Courses Spring 2022:

Viticulture Courses

Viticulture 102: General Viticulture II (Instructor: Sonet Van Zyl)

Viticulture 160: Mechanized Viticulture (Instructor: Luca Brillante)

Viticulture 162T: Management of Grape Diseases, Disorders, and Pests (Instructor: Sonet Van Zyl)

Viticulture 162T: Introduction to Viticulture (Instructor: Cliff Yu)

Viticulture 180: Undergraduate Research

Viticulture 190: Independent Study

Viticulture 194I: Grape and Wine Industry Internship

Viticulture 196: Viticulture Project 

Viticulture 199: Viticulture Seminar (Instructor: Luca Brillante)


Enology Courses

Enology 15: Introduction to Enology (Instructor: William Whalen)

Enology 45: Wine Evaluation Techniques (Instructor: Qun Sun)

Enology 110: Grape and Wine Chemistry (Instructor: Qun Sun)

Enology 125: Wine Microbiology (Instructor: William Whalen)

Enology 140: Regulations: Wine and Brandy (Instructor: Sara Azevedo)

Enology 151: WInery Equipment (Instructor: Miguel Pedroza Villarreal)

Enology 162T: Plant and Yeast Biochemistry (Instructor: Miguel Pedroza Villarreal)

Enology 166: Cellar Operations (Instructor: Miguel Pedroza Villarreal)

Enology 170: Wine Business (Instructor: Kevin Smith)

Enology 175: Winery Management (Instructor: Qun Sun)

Enology 180: Undergraduate Research 

Enology 190: Independent Study

Enology 194: Wine Industry Internship 

Enology 199: Undergraduate Seminar


Viticulture & Enology Graduate Courses

Viticulture & Enology 290: Independent Study (Instructors: Luca Brillante, Miguel Pedroza Villarreal, Qun Sun, Sonet Van Zyl)

Viticulture & Enology 299: Thesis (Instructors: Luca Brillante & Sonet Van Zyl)